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New Projects
Aria had received the message to meet, she disliked the fact that her wallet was so easily hacked into by the hacker, but at least she knew they were capable. Hopefully enough to get into the land warriors. She barely slept last night, her excitement bubbling to the surface, almost like a kid at Christmas. Sadly she had to meditate several times before her emotions got out of control.

It was rare that Aria had anything to get excited about but two things on the same day - the sword and a contact for her latest pet project. Life was looking up. If only it wasn't so complicated. Monsters and men and women who could wield a strange power that could shred any Atharim to pieces. But that was for a later date. She had to prepare for her meeting with the hacker.

It really wasn't much she would throw out there in the open like that but a meeting in public was probably a good thing. Who knew what you were getting into. At least Aria remembered the cafe they were to meet at. It had been a rather eventful day her first time in Moscow alone in the big city. The shop signified a starting place and a curiosity.

Aria had been waiting for a chance to get back to Artskaf to check out the painting again and to find the owner. Perhaps it would lead to a wolfkin, but then it could all be speculation as well, pure imagination. But Aria didn't think so.

She arrived early and sat at the table by the window with her swords strapped to her back the the two pistols in their holster at her waist. She had yet to find a pair of gloves that would work for her. She hadn't intended to enter any shops today, she didn't want to look meek or like someone who could be take over easily. Aria had no idea what kind of person she was dealing with and she was prepared for the worst possible scenario.

Strolling down the street with her laptop case slung over her shoulder Katya was both excited and worried. It had been a while since she'd gone out in the open to work. At least that's what she told her boss. He didn't care where they worked as long as they got the job done. Artskaf was a nice little place and Katya enjoyed working there on occasion. But the bustle of the street tables was a bit much to actually get in the zone, but inside it was nice and quiet, with only a clank of cups and plates and the quiet chatter of the patrons.

Katya slowed going around the corner to the cafe. She moved with caution as she tried to see if anyone was sitting by the window and saw a dark haired woman with sword. Swords of all things! Katya checked her wallet for the time. Still 15 minuites. Was this the person looking for someone or was it just a weird lady sitting at the table? Katya went inside of Artskaf and looked around at the paintings on the wall. She liked looking at the one in the center. It was a fine piece, one that held great imagination.

The woman sat there well past time. She never looked around. She looked like she was having trouble, maybe it was just nerves. Katya couldn't help but feel the same way. Katya took a deep breathe and went outside and sat at the table.

"You meeting someone here?"

The woman looked up, "Maybe."

Katya smiled and held out her hand for a firm shake, "Katya."
Aria looked at the hand in offering and she sighed she didn't have gloves and was not likely to to shake hands with anyone at this juncture. She shook her head and muttered something about germs barely audible. "I'm Aria." It was best to let this Katya think she was a germaphobe verses rude.

The silence was almost deafening. Aria didn't know where to start and the silence seemed to pull Katya back into a shell. Thankfully the waitress clinked two cups of water on the table, "Can I get your order?"

Aria nodded, "I'll have whatever special there is today and tea."

Katya nodded, "I'll have the same."

When the waitress left Katya smiled and leaned over the table to whisper, "So this project isn't exactly legit is it."

Aria laughed. "Legit? It's not illegal except for the goggles part, maybe, but I'm sure my bosses have enough pull to make an exception for the greater good."

Katya looked at Aria with curiosity, "The greater good?"

Aria smiled, "Secrets. There will be many secrets you may or may not know. I'm sorry but that's the way it has to be. For the safety of you, me and my organization."

Katya grinned widely, "You're a spy."

Aria laughed, "No child, I do not spy but you are not far from wrong. Suffice to say you will help me and my comrades do a better job of what we do."

"Are you in?" Aria asked hoping she didn't have to start from the beginning. She'd already said too much.
Katya was disappointed that Aria was not a spy. Her spirit slouched, but the idea still intrigued her. Katya nodded slightly less energetic than she was prior. "Compensation?"

Aria nodded, she must have know it was coming. She rustled through a binder that was a tattered mess of paper and clippings and drawings from what Katya could see. When Aria looked up and saw her staring she smiled and Katya looked away quickly. But the woman before her spoke softly, "This is some of what we must archive."

Katya looked back at her, she was smiling. "It is rather a mess."

Having found what she was looking for Aria tore the slip of paper from her binder and slipped it across the table. "While it's a small sum, you can have the rights to whatever program you build and produce whatever you want. The data itself however is mine and only mine as are the initial builds and prototypes."

Katya looked at the paper and while it was far less than she was hoping for the potential profit could be boundless if she passed it on to her boss and he then to his clients. But it was really hard to say what this woman wanted until she heard more.

Katya nodded, "I'm in, when do we start."

Aria relaxed visibly she must have been worried that Kayta wouldn't take the job. She slide over a pair of goggles. They looked rather ordinary, that was probably the point.

Aria leaned in and spoke softly, "Step 1, connect these land warriors to any wallet. I can probably procure one if you can't."

Katya smiled, "No worries I have plenty to play with."

Aria nodded, "How can I contact you directly?"

Katya held up her own wallet. "I'll send you the information."

"Thanks. Let me know once you've gotten that done, and we'll begin working on the next step." Aria stood up with little ceremony and wished Katya a fare well.

She wasn't the most pleasant person she'd met but Aria was far from the worse. Katya couldn't imagine being a germaphobe. She laughed and sat back in the chair and ran her fingers over the land warriors. She looked at everything, this was going to be a fun toy to play with. Katya wondered what wonderful things she could get into with these babies!

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