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A New Home
continued from Calvin's Biography

Calvin grimaced in pain as he pulled the shard of the coffee cup out of his foot. He looked at the injury and realized that he would need stitches. Calvin cursed at his carelessness as he hopped to the bathroom to put a temporary bandage on his bleeding foot. The closest thing he had to a bandage was a small towel.

He grabbed the towel and wrapped it around his foot, grimacing more as the pain shot through his leg. He secured it the best he could with a t-shirt. He would need to adjust it to keep it on until a more permanent fix was applied, but it would work for now.

Calvin stood up, keeping his weight on his uninjured left foot, and looked in the mirror to see once more the cause of his accident. Before it had been a passing glance, but Calvin got a full look this time. His eyes, previously a dark brown, now were yellow.

No, not yellow - golden.
Calvin thought.

His eyes glowed in the light emanating from the light bulbs in the room. Unsurprisingly to Calvin, they seemed to be very lupine. Thinking of wolves instinctively made him reach out to find them, but he found nothing. The wolves avoided cities and unless circumstances were very dire, he probably wouldn't sense them here. Calvin made a mental note to look for a place to live closer to the country and thanked God that his lease here was only a monthly one. He had enough to live on for awhile. He had a lot of land and had made good on the sale, but without steady employment, he would soon be out.

"So to the hospital and then to look for work,"
Calvin said aloud.

He hobbled back to his living room and sat down to call a cab to take him to the hospital. After receiving a confirmation that a cab was on the way, he hung up the phone, thinking more about the changes in his life.

Calvin chuckled a bit as his thoughts went to stories of werewolves that him and his friends would talk about as kids. He remembered the cheesy movies about werewolves, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night.

Am I a werewolf? No, that's nonsense. They're only stories.
Calvin thought frowning.

But if his friends would have told Calvin not too long ago that some people could talk to wolves and their eyes changed to wolf eyes, he would have looked at them like they were nuts. Calvin began to think that maybe there is some validity to some of the stories, myths, and legends that had been passed down. Maybe werewolves didn't exist, but Whispering Leaf had spoken of the "powerful two legs." Calvin would have to keep an open mind.

A honk came from outside the apartment and Calvin stood and hobbled outside. The cab driver came up to Calvin to help. Calvin kept his head down, looking focused on where he was placing his injured foot. The cab driver didn't notice Calvin's eyes and Calvin sighed gratefully as the driver shut his door and moved around to go to the drivers seat.

The cab driver put the car in gear and began to drive. Calvin adjusted his bandage and looked out the window thoughtfully.

You're here one day and have already hurt yourself. This will be an interesting journey.

Continued in Wolves, Dreams, Memory

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