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Let's Go Crazy
<small>[[continued from In the heat of the...//tunnel]]</small>

Ivan sat down on his couch to put on his black thick soled boots. His leg still ached from the night before. He shook his head at the memory of that thing. The pants were ruined- claws from a big bear monster or whatever tended to have that effect on them- and he'd thrown them away. But he woulda done so anyway, what with all that funky juiciness from the things head that had dripped all over them. And the smell...He wasn't sure he'd have wanted to wear them again anyway.

He laughed to himself. The doctors at the hospital had wanted to know what kind of animal had done that so he'd made an excuse. No sense in broadcasting to the world about what was living underground. But the cute nurse cleaned him up pretty well, though the stuff she used to disinfect them or whatever was probably sitting around from an old Soviet experiment from a hundred years ago. He'd groaned through gritted teeth. "Damn it, woman! Did I stand you up on a date or something? Jeeze get a saw or something and just cut it off!"
She'd rolled her eyes at him, laughing. Hey, she was a cutey. He laughed too. When she was done the pain subsided. The gashes weren't deep and only took a few stitches.

Fucking monsters. In a few days he'd be down there again to meet Xena and go hunting. He chuckled at the thought of her. She was a touchy one. He wondered if she'd wear those snake-contacts again. Probably, what with all the cray-cray. But she seemed tough anyway and she knew the tunnels. Still, he'd think of something to tease her about. She needed to be taken down a peg or three. Not that he'd say that to her, of course. He shook his head. People didn't appreciate how well he did at not saying the things that popped into his head. Impulsive. Never!

When he was done, he stood up and put his wallet and keys in his pocket. He just had on a pair of blue jeans, the black boots, and a casual white button down. He got his jacket- a black button up long sleeve with a bunch of pockets and those purely decorative straps at the shoulder that served absolutely no purpose whatsoever except that they looked pretty damn cool- and headed out the door, leg only slightly twinging at walking.

He was looking forward to seeing Zoya today.

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She looked at her Wallet one last time and grabbed her keys before rushing out the door. He was down there already and if she didn’t get out fast enough the man would have quickly found himself cornered, questioned, and very likely the recipient of the girls’ approval before he knew what was happening. Instead of allowing her roommates the chance, Zoya nearly flew down the stairs to the front entrance as she buttoned up her brown jacket. Behind her, the laughter that followed from her apartment made her ears feel a tad bit warmer than usual.

The closer the days had gotten to her get together with Ivan, the more nervous she grew. Oh, she could tease and make fun of Supercop all day long, but after the parting kiss he’d given her their last time together, Zoya found herself stifling butterflies. This was a predicament that she’d fortunately managed to keep hidden from her roommates up until they discovered the woman getting ready her the date.

They had bombarded her with questions and had ridiculous suggestions about her attire. It simply wasn’t practical to show unnecessary cleavage at the museum or the park, especially in the middle of winter. Instead she ended up in a long sleeved cream turtleneck and form fitting jeans with knee high boots over knitted leg warmers, along with a pair of gloves and matching cream hat. The attire was practical, but not exactly under-dressed for the occasion. In fact, she had even taken the time to apply some light makeup.

She came to an abrupt halt just before reaching the front door, and after a quick reminder to get herself together, the woman took a deep breath and made her way out to greet the man.
Ivan pulled up to the street Zoya lived on. He'd texted her that he was on his way. He opened the door and breathed in the crisp winter air. There hadn't been any new snow and the skies were clear, but the sidewalks were still fringed in thinning and cracked ice and ice-melt. The sun burned weakly in the sky, still not able to burn off the cold that covered the city. But that was alright. It was a pretty day with a bright blue sky, the air smelled clean, he was dressed warmly, and he had a date with the one and only lady Zoya. He smiled at the thought of her. She was something else, the way she got his head all fogged up. But he loved it all the same. His heart was beating in anticipation and he had a stupid grin on his face.

He was walking to the door to her apartment building when it opened and for a moment he just stared. She came down the stoop stairs and all he could do was stare. Good God, but she was beautiful. He stood there like a dummy, saying nothing for a moment, that stupid grin still on his face, noticing little things: cute little white hat covering her dark hair, those smokey green eyes through dark lashes just noticing him, the touch of red in her cheeks, the breath misting in front of her lips, just the cutest hint of front teeth behind them. He saw the boots that went to her knees over a nicely tight pair of jeans. Alright. He was done. He hoped he didn't get into too much trouble when he checked her out in them later on. Cuz that was exactly what he was gonna do. Wow. Just wow.

A low chuckle began in his chest and he started laughing and shaking his head. "Good lord, woman. Forget the sun. Let's walk you down the street and I promise you, all the ice on your block will melt."
He gave her a light hug and peck on the cheek. She smelled clean with just a hint of perfume or something. Maybe it was her hair. Whatever it was, he like it. "You ready?"

They went to his car and he opened the door for her. He was reminded of the last time that he'd let her in his car. He'd had to buckle her in because she was blitzed out of her mind. He grinned at her. "I'll let you get the belt this time. You're sober, right?"
He wondered if she'd notice the stuff he had in the back seat. Once he closed his door he walked around and got in on the other side. It was good he'd left the engine running, so it was still warm. "I'm looking forward to today."
He smiled at her as if to say thank you. "You ever been to the Zoological Museum? I've heard it's nice."
He'd chosen it because he knew how much she loved animals and nature and stuff. Of course he knew. It was how they met. Him arresting her after she broke in to free some rabbits. Wasn't life a kick?

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