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The Next Day
Pyotr woke up the next day to a slight hangover. He didn't think he had enough to warrant one, but then again, Pyotr didn't drink much. Waking up next to Michelle had been a surprise and Pyotr still couldn't believe that he had really left with her. Turns out it did happen and that she took Nox's "take care of him" comment very seriously.

The night had been fun. The morning after, slightly awkward. The text from the night before had been from Yegor - and he was informing Pyotr that his childish way of getting back at him was to tell Michelle his "secret." Michelle didn't look at her Wallet until waking up. That led to a slightly awkward conversation about Pyotr's sexual orientation. She wanted the truth and Pyotr saw no reason not to tell her he was bisexual. There was no sense in lying about it.

She believed him...and was okay with it. After all, it wasn't the double-zeros any more and Putin wasn't running the show anymore. She didn't care, but said she wished he hadn't tried to hide it. He didn't explain that until recently he had been completely confused. Sometimes he still was. He texted Jensen one time when she had gone to the bathroom. Sunday after Mass, he was going to tell him that he'd discovered this about himself. He knew Jensen would understand and be supportive.

Michelle had to work today and he didn't envy her. The headache wasn't that bad, but still he wished the sun wasn't so bright - and the stupid snow made it worse. She got ready and Pyotr got dressed. He was going to walk her to work today before heading to Gracies - he had to meet Charlie today.

They walked and talked on the way to the Kremlin. Pyotr almost laughed when he saw the look on Yegor's face when he saw them. Pyotr gave Yegor a sort of "what's up" nod. It felt good to drive the "you're an asshole" knife in deeper.

Michelle caught it and chuckled before giving him a slight kiss on the cheek and going into work. He hoped Yegor wouldn't give her any issues, but Pavel was there today - Pyotr sent him a text to ask him to keep an eye out. She'd be okay.

Then Pyotr went home to shower and get ready for his workout. Hopefully it would be a good day.

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