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For Protection Only
Ayden had spoken to Connor early that morning about owning a gun. She mentioned Emily needing one for protection. Ayden didn't mention Emily was like her, only that it was probably a good idea for her to get one two with the Atharim lurking about. She hadn't seemed overly concerned that she wanted one. But she knew deep down he had an issue with it, even if it was just for protection.

Too many times over the past few weeks had she wanted one. The thing with Emily being only the latest version of that. The monster, and the thing with Bas' thug friends, she still had yet to talk to Connor about that. And then the Atharim all on top of it. Yeah she wanted a gun. It would feel so good to feel the cold steel of a gun again. She hadn't thought she'd miss it, but the months since giving it up for Connor she really did miss it now.

Emily slept on the couch, she hadn't expected her to stay when she offered, but oh well, Ayden didn't have to be at work early, but she did have to be there. Today gun shopping, maybe tomorrow or the next day gun range, teach Emily how to shoot one. They'd have to play it by ear.

Ayden fixed some coffee and started making some breakfast. It was nice having an American fiancee and now her friend was American, breakfast for them was all the same, unlike other relationships she'd had. Nothing serious, but still Ayden liked to cook, and breakfast was one of her favorite meals of the day.

She started cooking some eggs and bacon and popped a few slices of bread into the toaster, everything was different in Russia, the whole CCD for that matter than what she grew up with, but Ayden would make do however and where ever she was.
Emily awoke to the smell of coffee and sizzling bacon.


The thought of bacon made her open her eyes as her stomach growled. Emily wasn't a morning person. She hated mornings, but bacon always made it easier to get out of bed.

Emily stood up and wrapped the blanket around her creating a makeshift robe with a hood. It gave her a very jedi-esque appearance. She followed the scent of God's gift of bacon to the kitchen where Ayden was cooking breakfast. God bless Ayden - and bacon.

"Good morning!"
Emily said as allowed a hand to appear from inside her Jedi robe to accept a cup of coffee.

Emily took a sip and sat down, setting the coffee down on the table and making the hand disappear again as she let out a yawn. "It's smells delicious. Ayden - you made me bacon. I think I'm in love with you."
She smiled to say that she was kidding, but it was bacon - what else would she say.

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Ayden smiled at the bacon comment, who didn't like bacon. And if they didn't like bacon why where they your friend? Something's wrong with a person who doesn't like bacon.

Ayden was excited and anxious all at the same time, it had been a while since she'd held a gun, she really hoped it didn't bring back her dreams, but it was safer, it really was.

Her and Emily chatted about various things while they ate breakfast. Ayden gave Emily an address. "You go to your hotel, change into something comfortable, no heels, and we'll go pick out a gun, and then go take a stab at using one at the range there."

Ayden had done a little research on the topic before, in an effort to be able to talk Connor into letting her have a gun. She had expected a fight, but was grateful he hadn't.

Ayden quickly dressed in a pair of faded black jeans, a gray sweater and a cute pair of gray boots that came up to her knee with a tuff of fur at the top. The shop was typical and legal. Ayden could easy went to an old locker and pulled out two suitable guns, but this was easier and far less likely to have to answer questions she didn't want to have to answer.

Ayden waited outside for Emily to show up. When she arrived they went inside. The store was full of various weapons, not just guns and rifles, there were cross bows and regular bows and knives, among others, it was geared more as a recreational martial store than say something a police office would go to.

The man at the counter was big and bulky, but he had a kind smile and soft eyes. He had a goofy grin on his face when he saw two girls walking into his store. You could see him puff out his chest and try to impress them with his physical stature. Ayden laughed and straightened the ring on her finger casually. He looked a little disappointed, and when she was close enough he blinked at her, the fire contacts did it every time.

"My friend here would like to pick out a gun. I already know what I want. And then we want to give them a test run, if that's okay. Teach her how to use one."

He turned to Emily.
Emily took a cab back to her hotel. She showered and changed, choosing a pair of dark blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a U of I sweater. She tied her hair back in a ponytail and then got a cab to the address that Ayden had indicated.

Ayden was waiting for her and they both went inside. The gentlemen behind the counter looked friendly enough. He was a big guy, but there was a smile in his eyes. Emily and Ayden both laughed as he tried to impress them. Emily didn't have the luxury of having a ring on her finger to show she was taken, and even though the guy was cute enough, she wasn't here to drool.

Ayden spoke first since she knew what she was talking about, but her conversation was brief; I know what I want, my friend here doesn't. The man behind the counter turned towards her and smiled. "What is it you're looking for?"

Emily shifted nervously a bit and blushed slightly. "Ummm...I don't really know. I've never had a gun before and never used one either."

The man smiled at her and nodded knowingly. "That's fine. Let's see if I can help you out there."
At least he didn't make her feel stupid. "Are you looking for a gun for sport or self-defense?"

"Self defense."

He nodded. "Home or concealed carry?"

"Concealed carry."
After all she wanted this for when she was on the street.

"In suppose you want something American made?"
The twinkle in his eye said he was teasing.

"Of course."
She teased back, but thought that American would probably be better given tensions between the US and CCD. All she needed was people thinking she was some sort of CCD spy.

The man smiled. "Follow me please."
She did and he led her to a glass display case full of pistols. He pulled out his keys and unlocked the case. "Here are my recommendations."
He pulled out three pistols, one at a time, naming them as he did. Browning Hi Power, Beretta Px4 Storm Full, and Glock G30.

He pointed to the first two. "These ones are 9mm. The Glock is .45. I pulled that one out because it's one of my favorites, however, given that you are a new shooter and smaller of size, it might be a little big for you. No offense intended."
Emily shook her head to indicate she wasn't. He smiled. "The 9mm are smaller, but will chamber more rounds. The .45 is bigger with more stopping power. It will also have a heavier recoil though. Would you like my opinion?"

Emily nodded. "Go for one of the 9mm. Start out with that and if you feel like upgrading to a .45 later, that's always available to you."

Emily smiled. She was a businesswoman and understood what he was trying to do - setting up a future sale. She did understand what he was saying however. She decided the Glock was out and looked at the other two. "Can I hold them?"

He nodded. "Sure. Just don't point them at anyone. Keep in mind, they will be heavier loaded."

She picked up the Px4 first. It was fairly heavy and then picked up the Browning. It was lighter. She set it back down. She had liked both of them. Both looked neat anyways. She picked the Browning back up. She liked the weight. She also liked the wood that was on the handle that gave it a classic look. She nodded at the shopkeeper to show she had made her choice, and then looked at Ayden to see if she approved.

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Ayden nodded at Emily, it was a good choice, perfect actually since it was exactly the same gun Ayden had planned on picking up today as well. She smiled at the shop keep. "Girl has a good eye, I'll take one as well."

He eyed her a bit suspiciously, but who wouldn't with firey hair, and contacts that matched. Ayden knew why she did it, but it always let people wondering. Ayden enjoyed playing with fire, and this was just one way to show it. Until recently she would never have walked outside like this, but now, well it was her life, the person that Connor had fallen in love with. Though she still wondered why he stayed or came back, however you wanted to look at it. He was a man of principle, she had none.

Having made two sales in one, the shop keep was happy to show them to the back, where there was a shooting range. The two would be purchases were loaded with rounds so they could shoot. Ayden looked at Emily and smiled, "Now for the fun part."

The hand gun wasn't the same as her sniper rifle, which she actually did miss, she missed the day to day maintenance, the smell of the oil on her hands as she cleaned it. The thought of being able to do so again made Ayden smile. She held the gun firmly in both hands and took aim. The first one went slightly wide of her intended head shot, wasn't between the eyes. She frowned at herself, it had been a while. Four or five shots later Ayden pulled the target back to her from the distance and smiled, only the one stray shot, it still would have killed, but it wasn't perfect. Ayden heard the shop keep whistle behind her, "Where did you learn to shoot at missy?"

Ayden smiled, "My step-dad."
Ayden continued to herself ' the US army finished it.' The truth, tho Ayden Hayes had never joined the military, military records were hard to fake, so the omission was technically true too.

"Your turn Emily."
Ayden helped her get situated. "Careful of the recoil."
The first shot Ayden wanted Emily to take unassisted, after that she'd help the girl aim and fire and manage the recoil. It could have been a sensual experience if Ayden had any interest in women, maybe she'd bring Connor shooting. Now that was a thought.
Emily followed the gentleman back to the range with her new gun. It was weird, knowing she had one. Ayden had gotten the same model, so Emily knew she had chosen well. Ayden fired first and when Emily saw the target her jaw dropped. Ayden was good - that was for sure.

Then it was her turn. The nerves she had been feeling came to the forefront of her mind. She had never fired a gun before. She knew she shouldn't be nervous; she was in a safe environment, but yet she felt it all the same. She became physically tense as Ayden explained how the gun worked.

Emily took a deep breath and aimed the gun down the range at the target. Every muscle was stiff and tense as she did so. She began to pull the trigger, but it didn't budge. She had forgotten to take the safety off. She blushed and turned it off as she heard the shop keep chuckle a bit.

She aimed again, the tension not lessened by her mistake and began to pull the trigger. It was harder to do than she expected, but eventually she fired, her eyes shutting as she did. The recoil made her take a few steps back to catch her balance.

She slowly opened one eye, and then the other to look at her handiwork. The target they had sent down the range was completely clean. She had missed. Emily heard a brief snort from the shop keep. He was trying not to laugh. She looked at him and he wiped the smirk from his face and then looked at Ayden who sighed.

"Ummm...maybe I should try again?"

Ayden watched as Emily did it all wrong, and then of all things she closed her eyes. Ayden sighed when she missed, it wasn't that she missed, it was that she closed her eyes, how are you supposed to hit anything when you close your eyes. She wondered if her step-father had any similar feelings teaching her the first time.

Ayden put a finger to Emily's chin and lifted it slightly. "Don't close your eyes."

Ayden adjusted Emily's body so that she was in a good stance, her weight adjusted so the recoil would be take less impact and she would not step backwards again. That could lead to dangerous things.

Ayden held out her arms and positioned it correctly. She talked Emily through the whole thing, telling her exactly what needed to be done. When she was finished she repeated sternly, "Don't close your eyes. Keep your eyes on the target and squeeze the trigger softly."

Emily felt slightly embarrassed by her mistake. Ayden came over to help, first of all telling her not to close her eyes. Emily didn't feel like she was being chastised or anything and nodded in understanding. At least the nerves were gone now after the first shot and she was able to relax.

Ayden helped Emily position herself better so that she'd be able to handle the recoil better, and walked her through the process, step by step. Emily followed her directions At the end she reminded Emily to not close her eyes again and to pull the trigger softy.

Emily did so, this time not closing her eyes. She had hit the target. While it wasn't a great shot, she had still hit the target. Emily shrugged. "It was better right? Can I try it again on my own?"

Ayden backed off "Sure."

Emily relaxed and got back into the stance that Ayden had taught her. She needed to get used to getting into it herself and took aim. She took ad breath and fired again with similar results. The shot was a little farther away than when Ayden had helped her, but she was consistent.

She decided to try a little more on her own by taking another shot. She adjusted her aim. Her shots had gone left and down, so she moved the gun right and up and fired again. She had adjusted a little too much.

She dropped her stance and looked over her shoulder at Ayden, keeping the gun facing towards the range - safety first you know. "Think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Need to keep practicing though."
Emily smiled. It was kind of fun.

((Ayden with permission))

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Ayden nodded at Emily she was learning. She smiled back at the girl, turned CEO. Life had a way of making you man up. But now was a chance to remember the feel of a rifle. She nodded to Emily to keep going, she stepped back to talk with the shop keep. He was dutifully watching. "I'd like to try a rifle with one of your scopes. It's been a while, and while I'm here might as well give it ago."

He nodded, and he lead Ayden back into the shop. Ayden didn't care what the rifle was, so long as it shot things. She hadn't realized how much she missed the sound, the feel of the gun in her hands. It had been a while.

The man tried to impress her, but Ayden knew more about guns than he did, she nodded and politely made comments, until they were ready to take the rifle out to the range.

Ayden sent her target down to the farthest point of the range and set up camp. It was easy enough, familiar, almost like riding a bike, except this one was deadly.

Ayden moved with practiced rhythm, she breathed and aimed and everything became clear. First shot hit right between the eyes, Ayden embraced the power and used it to see even clearer, the next shot landed directly in the target's heart. Ayden repeated until her clip was empty, the shots nearly lining up along with the first two when she pulled them back, she smiled happily.

She had missed this.
Emily nodded back as Ayden told her to keep practice. Emily fired and would look to see how well she did before adjusting. She kept getting closer to her mark as she did. Her shooting was improving quickly.

When the gun clicked empty, Emily released the magazine and brought the target back to her to examine her handiwork up close. It was easy to tell which shots were her early ones and which ones were her later ones.

After her examination, she notice that Ayden had left and come back, this time firing a rifle with a scope. Joy was emanating off of the other woman and Emily was happy to see that her friend was having such a good time. Emily stepped back to watch for a minute, but she couldn't see the target. She shrugged, knowing that she could see the results later and moved to reload and shoot some more before she felt Ayden embrace magic.

Emily stopped for a moment and then continued walking. There was no visible manifestation of the power. Emily knew that using the power heightened your senses - at least it did for the short time she could use it. She had never been able to...hold on to Ayden seemed to be doing now. Emily had to verbally direct her magic and then it was gone after the magic took form. It might be something for Emily to ask Ayden about later.

Emily reloaded and took aim, firing down the range again. Her shot wasn't as good as her final ones had been, so she dropped her stance and reset. She was getting decent at adjusting her aim, but she wanted to work on setting it first.

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