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Comin' To Your City
Damn, but the flight was long, even with the layover in London. The cabin had started to feel like a tin-can and she could imagine she smelled the stench of everyone in the recycled air. Just nerves, probably. She was used to traveling by herself in her truck.

Occasionally, she'd work with someone or even a small team. Ricky was the latest. That hadn't been bad, though she still thought him far too soft. He'd adopted that girl, of all things. Nice, she supposed. Regan had taken her in. Then again, she hadn't been a sex slave. That girl was gonna have issues. And she had lived off the grid with her parents for her whole life. She'd known how to rough it. Marta, though....Was Ricky gonna drag her along on his hunts? She shrugged. Not her business. It could be done, she knew all too well. But she just wasn't sure Ricky was the one who could pull it off. Still, heart in the right place, if a bit too soft.

Course, she could say the same about the guy who was picking her up. Another old acquaintance. Seth Marx. She'd worked with him a few times years ago. Honestly, she was surprised he had left the States. Always struck her as a patriot. Being here in the CCD didn't seem his style.

Had to be Rune. They'd all done hunts together and there was no question the girl was good, especially as she got older. When Jacinda had learned the story about her birth, she'd watched the girl- she'd been maybe 10- closely. No tellin' if the wefuke had some sort of connection to her. Honestly, she wasn't sure she wouldv'e made the same choice as Seth. Maybe. Always thinkin' with his heart. He'd turned out to be right. Still, what a chance to take.

Not that she ever told him that. She knew he'd not take it well. You don't just tell someone that letting the child live might have been a mistake. But she had watched carefully and soon saw that the girl was fine. Spunky and full of spirit and fight. Ended up having a lot of fun with them. Took down a lot of monsters.

Yeah, somehow she knew that it was Rune that had pulled him across the ocean and away from his old stomping grounds, she thought fondly. She had to admit, she was sort of excited to see him again. Be nice to see a friendly face or two. Not that she needed it. She was here for a reason. But still, it would be nice.

Who knew? Maybe Seth wanted in on the new order too.

When she landed she got her things- just had the two carry ons, since she'd already boxed and shipped her other tools- and walked out of the secured area scanning the sea of faces for the one she knew. She wasn't sure he'd still be wearing his hat. Be easier to spot that way.

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