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Bitter Reunions
Alex's father had called her told her he was in town again and needed to speak with her. This time he had the common decency to call her and not stay with her. But she heard Luka in the background ordering room service. Her father had wanted to meet.

With the case load as of late she had very little time to herself, she'd not seen Bas since that first day, which wasn't unusual, but now she had to deal with her father, she was wishing for any possible excuse than to go see the manipulative man that she called father. But she was curious why he'd brought Luka.

Alex took the metro to the hotel her father was staying at. Driving in Moscow as a pain on a good day, but she knew she'd probably have to have a drink or two to get through the situation with her father.

At the front desk she was given directions and said she was expected. Typical of her father, or maybe it was Luka's doing. She smiled, it was probably Luka. She missed her brother!

Alex took the elevator to the 5th floor and walked to the door the man at the desk told her, it was propped open but Alex knocked anyway. Inside she heard the distinct voice of her older brother. It's low notes and lit that almost said he was ready to laugh. "Come on in Sis. Shut the door behind ya."

Alex walked in and closed the door fully behind her. She walked into the main room of their hotel and was not surprised to see the twin queen beds and that was about it. But Luka stood holding a bottle of wine in one hand and two classes full of white gold. She smiled at him. "Oh how I missed you big brother."
Alex too the glass and took a sip. "Where is our father?"

Luka nodded towards the door. "He went out to get some ice for the bruises he has."

Alex was curious, "Bruises?"

Luka took a sip of his wine and laughed. "Seems our littlest sister kicked his ass."

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[Image: harrison_ford_05.jpg]

Giordano walked back into his hotel room to find his daughter standing there talking with her brother. Those two had always been close, it was after all why he'd brought Luka in the first place, to keep his sister busy while he handled the little matter of killing the abomination that walked the earth because the Atharim were too weak to kill it. His bastard daughter, she worked for them, he'd learned the hard way that it was not some token gesture, she was trained well, and true to her heritage was just like him. Manipulation ran strong in her, though she fought it.

He had watched Aria the days following it. She never knew he was there, but she always seemed to lose him in the throng of people. She knew the city far better than he did and she hunted in the shadows. She was not a girl to wander the daylight.

But he'd asked Alessandra here to ask her some things. He smiled and kissed his daughter on both cheeks. "My dear, Alessandra. Welcome to our temporary home. Sit, have a drink."The irony was not lost upon him, it never ceased to amaze him that she had turned out as bright as she had with very limited abilities and a keen tendency to over indulge herself. "Your little sister is a tough one." He commented on the conversation he'd over heard his two children were having as he came back in. "It seems I underestimated her. Tell me what you make of her. I need you to find her and talk to her, get a feeling of her weaknesses." He knew how to exploit one, though killing him would not do what he intended to for this child of his. She will not suffer so kindly. But hurting him, well that might come in handy, but she had to have other weaknesses. "Seek her out. Tell her exactly who you are and give me a reading child, she doesn't hide so well as she thinks she does, and from you my girl, she can't hide from at all."
Alex looked at her father with confusion. He wanted her to what? Granted she was already thinking she needed to talk to her half sister, but not for her father. "I'm not going to help you tr to kill her. I work for the police, Father. That is so very wrong of you to ask me that."

Luka just looked blankly at both of them, he hid his emotions behind his shields well. Neither of them could think that she would help them kill the girl. And then she remembered that she'd brought this upon herself. She had stuck her head into the business with Dane Gregory, she had to be a threat too. Atharim and Sentient and knowing that man. Alex sighed. "I will talk to her, but I won't tell you anything. I will understand her if I can, maybe I'll tell you what you want to hear if she is too much trouble to be dealt with by the police."

Alex shivered. She wasn't cold but now she had this chill. Her father really was going to kill her half sister. And it was her fault. Alex got up and hugged her brother. "Luka maybe we can have dinner one night."
She looked at her father. "I'll call you. Don't call me again."
And she walked out the door.

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