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Conflicts of Interest
Alex sat at her computer in her new office. She had a picture of a grand piano sitting on her desk. It was the one she had at her place, one she actually knew how to play, but it sat dormant for years her other hobbies taking precedence over playing the piano. It had once sat in the home of some rich man, he grew tired of it and she purchased it for far less than it was worth.

But it was the article on the clog that had Alex's full attention. Sebastian was wanted, on the run. He'd attacked Ivan, a man she worked with. Alex knew that those two lives would cross paths one day, but this was far beyond anything she could imagine.

Alex knew there was nothing more than sex with Bas, but she did have a place for him in her heart, he was a relatively decent man despite his nature. But it was that nature that brought the Monster squad down on him now. Not only had he attacked a cop he had attacked one of their own. Sebastian was a dead man, if he didn't die in the fight, he would die in prison she was sure of it. He was not a good man. Decency had nothing to do with a personals moral boundaries.

Alex wasn't exactly sure what to do about this, she could easily profile Bas, she knew him personally, she knew some of the places he liked to go. But it meant his certain capture. But he'd hurt Ivan. This was definitely NOT a good place to be.

And Alex was almost certain that the Atharim would be in on this too, and how did you tell the men you worked with that you knew more than you could say, it could cost her everything including her life. Her half-sister was one of these monsters, she was one of them too for all intensive purposes, but the Monster Squad didn't think like the Atharim. But there was little definition of what they were here to do, capture not kill, but how long before that changed. Alex sighed.

Life was going to be sticky for the next few weeks. One way or the other something was going to happen. Alex just wasn't exactly sure how it was going to go down.

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