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Of Assassination and Murder - Part I
Three days inside the sterile white walls under the scrutiny of doctors and shrinks and various other medical personnel. Aria felt like a guinea pig, it was even worse than the way the Atharim had treated her. And then one day she was blindfolded and taken out of the facility. The only bearings she had was that she was ascending up and the moment they left the sterile facility she had been kept in. The smells were different. The people she could feel were more and more the higher she went and when they finally removed the blindfold she was lost in the light.

Aria found herself blocks away from home, almost literally. Or what used to be her home. She was blocks away from Lucas. He was her first stop. Aria had two wallets now, both highly secretive in nature, their encryptions were different yet she was sure that with both of the devices a hacker could have fun. Not that she would do that again. That had proved devastating. Aria still wondered what happened to the girl and how she didn't know the girl was a godling. But she had died of the sickness.

Aria walked the few blocks to Dueling Dragons and found the shop near empty. Only Sergei sat at the desk, from the window he didn't look well. Aria tried to pull open the door and it was locked. She knocked on the pane glass to catch the man's attention. Something was wrong and Aria wasn't liking this one bit.
[Image: wentworth_miller_2_135.jpg]

The shop was still and empty. Why Sergei was here he wasn't quite sure. Valentin certainly hadn't wanted the shop reopened. The man had taken Luca's death hard. Overnight, it seemed he had aged 10 years. Lucas had been like a son to him. Sergei wan't exactly deep. But he knew that Lucas represented something to Valentin. What that was, exactly, he didn't know. Except that Valentin looked at Lucas with as much pride as any father to his son.

And now he was gone. It was going to take a while for Sergei to really get used to that. Lucas' wasn't the leader of a group; he didn't have people hanging off his words nor was he some party animal that people hung around with because they always knew they'd have a good time. Lucas had been quiet, especially in groups. But he was honest. And he cared. And somehow, with just those two qualities, he had made his way into people's hearts. The quiet calming presence that people respected. Sergei knew he would miss his friend far more than he currently did. The magnitude still hadn't hit him.

So there he sat, unsure what to do. He heard the door try to open and looked up. It was the last person he wanted to see. Aria. He'd told so many people already and was tired. But this would be the worst, he knew it.

Feet like lead, he walked to the door and unlocked it, letting her in. "Hi Aria,"
was all he said. He smiled weakly. He knew he had to cut to the chase early. Quick was best. For her. And for him."Listen, there's something I need to tell you. It's about Lucas."
Aria didn't like the start to this particular conversation. Where was Lucas? Why was the shop closed? Lucas was never late. He was meticulous in his job as business owner.

Aria focused on Sergei's emotions and she could feel the emptiness, the concern, the distaste of this situation. Aria had questions but she'd let Sergei speak. She looked at him expectantly, "Okay."

It seemed that Sergei hesitated, now that she was listening. And then, quietly "Lucas is dead."
The words were simple, though it was clear this was hard to say. "I came in a few days ago and found him in the back. The paramedics said he had a heart attack."
His tone was neutral, as if he wasn't sure what to believe. He seemed to be lost in the memory. Then he looked at her and refocused. "I'm sorry Aria."

Aria blinked at Sergei, dead? No... The comprehension didn't hit, she stood paralyzed. If this was some sick joke then it was far more cruel than even she could be. But it explained a lot. The light of her life was gone. Gone? How the hell could that happen.

Aria nodded in shock she thanked Sergei. And turned numbly to the door. Sergei was not heartless she could feel his loss, this was no joke. Her heart sank and she fought to stay above water.

The door opened, Aria didn't remember reaching for it or pulling on it. The faint jingle above the door was a sad reminder of what was missing from her life. Aria put one foot in front of the other as she walked.

Aria walked, she didn't comprehend the direction or the length of it. She was numb and barely aware of those around her. It was the first time in her life she'd felt like this.
Aria would have been grateful for the cold crisp fresh air as she walked through the streets of Moscow if she could have even comprehended the fact that she was free of Ascendancy's grasp for the moment. Something nagged at Aria but she continued to walk. She was forgetting something but she wasn't sure what it was.

The world went on without her. Aria found herself sitting on a chair in the subway station. She'd only noticed now that a train had just left. Which one had it been? Was it the one home? Aria blinked trying to catch her bearings, but no matter how she tried everything was foggy.

Aria's cheeks were wet with tears and she didn't even remember crying. Aria glanced felt in her pocket and found her wallet - the Atharim issue wallet. It was blinking at her furiously. There were two messages from Lucas recently and a few texts from him and from Nox. The world still ushered on as Aria worked her way through each message trying to understand what was going on.

Another train arrived as Aria was about to check the first voice mail Lucas had left. She stood up and walked over to the arriving train and listened to the voice on the other side of the line ""Hello love, I have something that means a great deal to you. I wish you'd answered to say your good-byes. Sorry, you won't get that chance now." Aria had expected to hear Lucas' voice. She blinked at the me name and listened do the message again.

The world stopped. Aria recognized the voice. She stood there staring off into the distance the fury inside rising. Giordano had Lucas. The train pulled away and Aria stood on the platform listening to the second voice mail Lucas had left her.

Aria's heart leapt when she heard Lucas speaking. "Aria, it's me. I just wanted to talk to you. I miss you."
Aria smiled. But something was wrong, she could hear it in his voice. "I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. And how proud I am of you. I am so proud of you Aria. I am proud to know you."
Something was definitely wrong! "I know that there are things I don't know. I know that. But it doesn't make me love you less. You, more than anyone, have been given a difficult path. You have suffered and endured what few have. But you have never given up. And that is why I love you."
Aria's was glad he understood but something was wrong. Aria couldn't figure it out as she continued to listen. And that was when things really started going from better to worse. "I'm sorry. I just need to tell her this." It was muffled like he was talking to someone other than her. Aria heard some one talking to Lucas, but she couldn't make out his voice. Her heart sank.

"He's a good man, Aria. Your father. I hope that we can all get together. It will be a family reunion."
Aria fell to her knees, her father had Lucas and was manipulating him. He heart cried but the fury rose inside. "I hope you are safe. I hope you are good. I miss you. I love you Aria. The best day of my life was the day you walked into my shop. I hope you come home soon. I...Sorry. I'm not sure what's wrong. I can't wait to see you again, Aria. I love you.""Oh God, oh God, oh God...."
Aria didn't like the sound of Lucas' sobs, he knew what was going on, he knew who had him. Everything he'd said had been a manipulation Aria needed to find her father and he would pay for it.

The phone went silent and then sprang to life again with her father's voice. "My dear daughter, I told you I had something dear to you. Listen to him cry. He knows what is in store. Do come see me when you get this."

The anger and the hatred poured into Aria. She would find this man and he would pay...But first she needed her things.
continued in Preparations.

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