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VaiaPlus Fundraiser Open House
[Image: flynn.jpg]

VaiaPlus' new facility was built upon an old site, a site that Dr Issac Flynn had been waiting years to purchase. He knew the city plans, knew what lie underneath farther than most would dig, but the new facility required deep pockets, and it required a deep facility, something to secret away things the world didn't need to know about yet. Yes VaiaPlus was a leader in research. They were one of the pinnacle's of success in terms of curing some of the most common annoyances in life.

The common cold nearly eradicated because of their research. But it's pesky nature still produced issues with a full cure. But they were getting there. Cancer was close in many areas, some like brain cancer was a bit harder to understand and cure. You can't exactly transfer a person's brain and expect that person to be the same. Though some had their theories.

Flynn knew that there was much controversy in finding cures. The ethics of it, the morality of testing upon subjects of the human variety. But the good thing was, it only hurt what they actually knew about. Flynn had plans, many many plans.

But tonight was not a night about plans, it was about the money!

The conference room was decked out ballroom style. Round tables around the perimeter of the conference room covered in freshly pressed white table clothes, silver and gold candelabra's sitting on each table. Fine china and crystal goblets with real silverware sat at each place setting. It cost a pretty penny just to make that table reservation. And Flynn hoped that more would bring their attentions to spending more money the more the wine flowed and the music would thrum in the background. He hoped they would open their pockets wide.

Tonight's fine menu was catered by one of the most prestigious chef's in all of Moscow. Flynn didn't know what it exactly entailed, and he didn't really care, and neither did those in attendance. The name brought them in.

The music was a small string orchestra playing their beautiful music just under the noise level of the room. The center of the floor was left for dancing.

Flynn was not surprised to see many familiar faces, and probably a few unfamiliar ones as well. It was not uncommon for the rick and famous brats to show up and make themselves know and fancy functions like this. They wouldn't know a cure from a drug. But the presentation later on in the evening by some of his most finest researchers would hopefully provide some entertainment as well since they too would more than likely be only half way tipsy before their turn at the stage.

Flynn walked through the throng of money, greeting and chatting with those who stopped him, or those who were more than rich enough for him to stop and present himself to them. He knew those faces, he would smile and laugh and drink with their pleasant little selves until they gave him the money he needed. He was a businessman after all, and this was his business.

((NPCs and PCs welcome to pop in. I'll keep the thread open for few months so when you are free feel free to pop in))
[Image: 0da3ac24-f304-4570-9444-ee2168c760bb_zps4864582a.jpg]

Stefan Kruger smoothed shoulder-length hair down the back of his head as he emerged from the town car. His attire was current fashion but not overstated. Under a sleek blue suit he wore a white shirt open at the collar. He was in his late thirties, handsome, tall, blonde. The perfect sort of man to have a line of women ready to be on his arm yet tonight he was without a date.

The fundraiser was everything it should be. He recognized a number of faces while identities of the others were revealed by quick pictures and internet searches. Of course, the guest list posted at the entrance to the fundraiser helped narrow the field greatly.

With his tall frame, he had to wait a few moments to have enough room to approach the bar. He could have squeezed in but a woman with long brunette hair in a green dress beat him to it. Now, he was never one to dissuade pretty women from drinking, but he hovered behind her shoulder to take her place when she stepped aside. Which of course led to the inevitable.

"Oh I am so sorry. Were you next?" She asked, champagne flute in hand.

Stefan flashed a brilliant smile. His accent was crisp and throaty, "Please, fräulein. Open bar. The sooner we drink the better this boring party will be." His smile was lighthearted despite the harshness of his accent.

He offered a hand to shake, "Stefan Kruger. Doctor Stefan Kruger."

She seemed impressed, and her smile turned coy when he kissed the back of her hand.
"Robyn Henderson," she replied as she snagged a freshly poured champagne and offered it to him.

"Thank you," Stefan said as he pulled them away from the bar. They clinked glasses and shared the moment before he broke the silence. "What do you do, Robyn?"

She shrugged. "I am an analyst for one of the companies investing in VaiaPlus." He of course knew that already, having searched her name online before even walking up to the bar. He noticed how her eyes roamed across his chest.

"That's a beautiful necklace," she said. "What is that symbol?"

He pulled a short, silver chain out from beneath his shirt and held it out for her to see. "A gift from my mother when I was a boy." Women always responded well to that particular spin on the truth. He twisted the charm so she could better see the engraved symbol. "An hourglass."

"It reminds me that we are always working against time."

"How interesting," she said, sipping her drink.

If she only knew, Stefan thought.
Mathias Wilson, an up and coming member of Moscow's nueveau riche scene, entered the open house bedecked in a suit that showed his money. He had gained his wealth through hard work, or so people thought. He had worked hard, bu several illegal activities had helped increase his wealth a little faster.

Mathias intermingled with people because it was expected of him. He was polite for the same reason. He mostly noticed the women. Women in evening gowns had a spectacular look to them. Of course Mathias would rather see them without, but he wouldn't say that publicly. Besides, Mathias wasn't here for sex. He was here for business.

Mathias spotted Dr. Flynn., and waited until the man was close. "Dr. Flynn, a moment?"
He waited until the man had gotten closer and shook his hand. "Mathias Wilson, potential investor. I was wondering if you could tell me more about your project?"
Mathias didn't really care, but being charitable would add to his status. Although he'd rather see a return on his investment.
[Image: flynn.jpg]

It was not uncommon for investors to stop him. He actually stopped and chatted with most of them. But he wasn't exactly happy when one particular man stopped him on his way to meet and greet a beautiful woman just beyond him. He put on a smile and shook hands with him. Mathias Wilson - a newly rich. Not exactly someone who had invested before, but not someone who would turn away either. Money was money no matter if it was new or old.

Flynn smiled. "My dear friend, that's what the presentation is for." Dr Flynn waved in the direction of the front of the room. "My collegues and I will bore you to great lengths in a short while." He laughed softly to himself. "I'd hate to bore you twice. Enjoy yourself." Flynn grabbed two fluted glasses of campaign from the passing waiter. "Tell me about your interests. Far more interesting than the projects to be launched, those in the well house and those that have already been funded. Who knows, perhaps we'll find a common interest among yours here at VaiaPlus."
Mathias wasn't surprised that Dr. Flynn mentioned the presentations, but was even more surprised that he asked about his interests. Mathias took the flute offered to him by Flynn and sipped at the champagne. It was a good flavor.

"I have varied interests. Kayaking and canoeing among them, but don't get out to do that too much right now."
He gave a slight chuckle. "Other than that, curling up in an armchair with some brandy, a pipe, and a good book is always a favorite pastime. Prefer the older stuff myself - I mean like 1800s stuff."

His voice began to patter off as a woman entered the room wearing a magnificent red evening gown that hugged her curves in the right way. For a few seconds he looked, wondering what she would like like without the dress before turning back to Flynn, inwardly cursing himself for his momentary weakness - he was supposed to be the proper sort in these sort of gatherings.

"And you, good doctor. What is it that you do when you're not curing every disease known to man?"
[Image: flynn.jpg]

Flynn only partially listened to the man's interests. He was watching the room for more important people, people with more money and more prestige but when none caught his eyes he turned his attentions fully on his companion and laughed, "Is there anything else to be doing?"

Flynn smiled at the man. "I run a multi-billion dollar company, my hobby is curing the world's aliments and understanding what it means to be human of course." He hinted a little about his own private affairs in that statement, but he wasn't going to tell a potential investor that he was pulling money away for private research for biological warfare. Not the kind you drop on a man with a bomb, but the kind that comes from the perfect solider. He had every intention of winning any war that came down the pipe line, be it with the CCD itself and his company or America and the CCD, Flynn intended to let the wealthiest of the wealthy benefit from his experience and his ultimate goal of the perfect soldier.

The party was moving full force, Flynn looked across the room and saw someone he had to speak to. He looked to his companion. "I see someone I must speak to. If you'll excuse me."
[Image: 0da3ac24-f304-4570-9444-ee2168c760bb_zps4864582a.jpg]

Stefan watched Dr. Flynn as he criss-crossed the room. He hardly made it a few steps before someone else stopped him for a few words. These parties were always about the same things: trying to score the inside track, but when a room of people were all in on the business, what edge did any of them have? Stefan did not need to gain an edge, he already had one as VaiaPlus was soon to learn.

In terms of the evening, the handsome European had plenty of distractions to pass the time until VaiaPlus's main presentation. Although a pretty young blonde in a red dress caught his attention. He excused himself politely from present company and carried her a class of champagne, which he offered along with a glittering smile. "It's quite good for the standard cases served at these things."

((In case the woman in the red dress is Emily...*wink*))

Emily entered the fundraiser, wondering why she went with red tonight. Heads were turning to face her, and she wasn't sure about wanting company tonight. Instincts was something that Emily didn't follow much, but hers were going off tonight. Something felt wrong, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Emily resolved to actually enjoy tonight. Emily looked around, trying to find something to occupy herself before the main presentation. A man approached her, mid to late thirties, but still quite attractive and offered her a glass of champagne.

"Thank you."
Emily said, giving the man a smile of her own. She took a sip. "It is pretty good."

Emily smiled and offered a hand. "Emily Shale, Shale International."
Emily was always a polite one. She would at least be social, despite the feeling of unease in her chest.
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[Image: 0da3ac24-f304-4570-9444-ee2168c760bb_zps4864582a.jpg]

Stefan smiled, pleased with himself. Emily Shale was a name he recognized, although he'd never had the pleasure to see in person. "Doctor Stefan Kruger," he bowed his head sharply and took her hand with all the delicacy of a surgeon's touch. "The pleasure is mine, Fräulein" the kindness of his demeanor clashed with the severe cadence of his accent. It must be harsh for western ears to hear.

"Allow me to add my condolences for your losses. It is a terrible thing to lose one's family, and for one so young. A small world, for I studied with one of your executive vice presidents, Charlie Allen, if you know the name. Is Shale International venturing into partnerships with Vaia Plus? Or are you here for the champagne and hor d'oeuvres?" He teased with a lift of the glass.

The gentleman, Dr. Kruger, was just that - a gentleman. Emily was almost surprised that he hadn't kissed her hand. She gave him a generous smile at his introduction. Dr. Kruger had a deep accent, German she assumed from the use of the word "Fräulein", yet she was able to understand him easy enough.

Emily's smile faded a touch at the mention of her family. The loss of her parents still hit hard, but the condolences were appreciated. But the doctor continued, whether or not for her benefit, she did not know. Charlie Allen wasn't a name she recognized. Maybe he had retired or he was among those she hadn't met yet, but given a position as Executive Vice President, she doubted Mr. Allen was still with them.

"Thank you, Doctor. My parents are greatly missed. I will pass your condolences to my sisters and staff as well."
Emily paused, taking a short sip of champagne. "I'm not familiar with Mr. Allen, but I've not yet had a chance to meet all those who were under her parents employ. And as for me being here. I'm just here to hear Dr. Flynn's presentation."

Shale International had not yet made a decision on whether or not they would be offering funds to VaiaPlus as of yet, but they were always interested in making new partnerships to help people across the globe. Emily, however,was having trouble shaking the feeling that something was off. Andrew was around somewhere and would assist in the decision making process. "What about you, Dr. Kruger. Do you work for VaiaPlus as a researcher?"
She took another sip of champagne.
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