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The worst feeling in the world for Aria was not feeling anything at all. Everything had happened so fast. Manix's offer, her father was dead, everything was just too much on top of the emptiness that she felt inside. She didn't like being in the empty East Wing of her supposed new home. It was perfectly acceptable, not as nice as her room in the warehouse that Nox had built and Lucas' mural was not nothing but ash.

The sadness gripped Aria tightly as she walked through the streets of Moscow looking for anything to feel other than the grief inside.

It wasn't just the grief Aria was fighting away. It was the darkness inside. It welled up into every pore wanting escape. She could feel the slimey texture of her own evil inside wanting to get out - to kill, to seek blood. It wasn't hard to remember how Lucas made her feel. She could remember every feeling.

That was the worst part, there was nothing but her memories. She experienced nothing but what she remembered. No one was projecting at her. Aria was certain there were lovers in some of the buildings. That there were criminal acts being preformed in the alleys. A couple fighting in the heights above - she could year the yelling from the street, but she felt nothing. Emptiness was worse than feeling everything.

It was a new weight, a new hatred of herself. This was what normal felt like. Aria hated it. For ever moment she hated what she was, she hated this even more. What the fuck had he done to her? What gave him the right? What made him think that he could mess with her brain without any knowledge of what he was doing to her?

The questions spurred her anger and the darkness floated outside the empty bubble that was Aria. She hadn't realized she'd reached for the bubble when the world outside was nothing. She felt nothing, and the bubble had come with no effort at all. It was a minor comfort walking through Moscow's cold streets. She couldn't stay mad at her host, he had saved her life after all. She couldn't disregard that fact but she was angry at what he'd done. He ripped her whole reason for being alive from her, the only thing that kept her useful was now gone. What the fuck was she going to do?

(anyone is welcome to jump in)
Emily walked down the street - mostly to get away from everything for a bit. It wasn't that anything was wrong. Everything was going really well actually. Emily smiled. Things had improved for her a lot, although she still held a lot of mistrust for men. Nox had hurt her and even though she could touch a man without freaking out, she still had little trust

That's why it was hard for Emily to approve of Cruz despite knowing that Cruz was a fine man. She really hoped he didn't break Rachel's heart.

A beep came from her wallet and Emily saw a message from her sister. "Cruz hasn't responded in awhile I'm worried. It's unlike him."

Emily frown at the screen. It did seem unlike Cruz. Emily had to be strong for her sister though. She responded. "It could be a lot of different things - relax and be patient, you might hear from him soon."

Rachel responded that she would even though Emily was sure her sister was worried. Maybe Emily could contact Dorian and see if he was okay. Despite all of this, Emily was still buzzing with anticipation and cheer. Things were getting closer to being ready for the gala.

Emily was so lost in that she didn't even realize that there was someone coming past the corner as she did until she ran into the other. Emily backed up and saw a short woman with fierce green eyes.

"I'm so sorry,"
Emily said, feeling embarrassed. "I should have been paying attention."
Fury bubbled on the inside, but it slide around like nothing as Aria floated in the emptiness. It felt different. Different enough that Aria hadn't noticed that someone was about to run into her.

Aria looked up and saw a familiar face and frowned. Of all the people in all of the world she had to run into the girl Nox had been flirting with, and slept with while they were in Siberia. The memories flooded into Aria's bubble and slithered outside until there was nothing but emptiness again. The sadness of her loss bouncing off her skin like it was a shield.

Aria dropped the bubble and smiled at the apology and the blond in front of her. "No harm done."
Aria was surprised that her voice didn't sound angry, but the calm from the bubble still emanated from her tho it lacked the cold distance it did when she held it. Aria tried not to think about it.

Aria had dug around more on Ms. Shale after Nox had texted her about the woman's status as a godling. "Congratulations on your new venture, Ms. Shale. "
Aria was far more investigative than Nox, he didn't care. And working now for Ascendancy made that even more important. Everything had changed since she'd seen this woman flirting with Nox. He wasn't even in Moscow right now. Last she'd heard from him he was heading into Mexico City, the last sighting of Dane was in that city. Aria hoped it was a large city and they didn't bump into each other at all.

Aria smiled though it didn't reach her eyes. "I'm sure you will find Moscow colder than Chicago."
The woman's demeanor was pleasant from what Emily could see. She gave the woman a smile as she told Emily that all was fine. She smiled a little more when Aria mentioned her name. It was a familiar feeling having people know who she was when she had no idea who they were.

"Thank you very much,"
she said cheerfully, and let out a laugh when she mentioned the weather. "It might be, but the cold doesn't bother me."

Emily offered a hand. "You know who I am, but I don't believe I have the pleasure of your name."
Aria gave Emily a half smile, she doubted Nox would have mentioned her name at all in conversations with this woman. Considering he'd only really be concerned about getting laid that morning. "You wouldn't have."
She extended her hand almost without thought, but hesitated almost instantly. Her ability was completely off the wall right now, what would touching do? It was too late to back out of the friendly gester without looking like a complete ass.

Aria steeled herself for any back lash of emotions. "Aria. A friend of mine had me look into you. Normally I don't go around congratulating random strangers on the street."
Aria smiled. Emily was yet another godling to keep off the radar. Nox may have had ulterior motives in his acquaintance with Emily Shale, but he would at least make sure she wasn't hunted by the Atharim. It was the one thing the two of them agreed on when it came to the innocents they'd met over time.

The slight hesitation and the smile not hitting Aria's eyes made Emily wonder what was wrong. "Nice to meet you, Aria."
She said as she took the woman's outstretched hand.

Someone had been looking into Emily? That confused her, and she couldn't keep the suspicion from her face. Who was it - a competitor or someone more ruthless? Emily didn't think she was in danger, but she remembered the pistol she kept with her.

"Someone is looking into me?"
She asked, curious and suspiciously.
It was strange hearing an emotion in someone's voice and not feeling the underlying current beneath. Aria disliked interacting with someone like this. Everything felt so off, so foreign, like a cancer eating away at her mind. She hated this.

Aria tried not to let the emotion show on her own face. She smiled, tried to anyway. Her own underlying problems tarnishing any good mood she could be in - free of her father. Not that he was ever a present threat, but still it felt good to know her parents were both gone for good.

"Nox wanted to make sure you weren't in trouble. Even after you had a private detective doing the one thing he was trying to avoid. Finding him. Our job seems many innocents targeted for unknown reasons, he wanted to be sure we didn't know who you were. But I was curious to who you were so I dug a little deeper. It's always to know the players in this game we play."
Nox. Aria knew Nox. Emily went through momentary anger until the pieces fit together. Aria was one of them - one of those that hunted her. Emily took a wary step back, and reached for her magic.

"You're one of them."
she said. She was concerned, but this woman hadn't tried to attack her. Neither had Nox, but her suspicions were there.

Emily held onto her magic, worried, but she didn't attack. She wouldn't unless Aria tried to hurt her. It seemed strange that she hadn't. "You're not going to...attack me?"
She asked.
Yes she was one of them. The question made Aria laugh. "My partner, and friend is one of you. And one of us. You honestly think I'm stupid enough to attack you with just a sword or my bare hands."
Aria smirked. She couldn't feel it, but there was only one reaction when someone felt in danger, and that was to draw upon their weapons or armor. And in this case this was a godling who knew exactly what she was. "I'm sure your power is readily at hand. What would I do? I value my life way more than I value the ways of my people."

Aria's wallet alerted her to an important event related to Ascendancy. She took her wallet from her trench coat pocket and glanced down at the pending announcement. "I wonder what the Ascendancy has to say today."
Aria had more than one reason to be concerned about what the Ascendancy was up to not only was she hunting him, she worked for him. Talk about a major conflict of interest.

Aria pulled up the holo display so as not to be rude and watch from the comfort of her own screen. Ascendancy started in his regal self.

Aria watched as the most powerful man in the world - both figuratively and literally declared that men and women who had extraordinary powers were real. But what had Aria's jaw dropping was that he claimed to be one. While Aria knew it to be 100% true, she hadn't expected this powerful man to make such a declaration. But he cemented his position in the office of the CCD. There wasn't a group that could match the power of the Ascendancy - not even the Atharim. Maybe if we had our own gods on our side. But no we killed those gods - hunted them down like rabid animals and eradicated them. Aria sighed. "Well this changes many things."

Aria gave Emily a wry smile. "It seems your people have been outed."

Emily listened - the power surged through her. She could lash out, but the woman hadn't attacked her and her reasoning made sense. Emily was still suspicious, but there was something there that she couldn't quite put her finger on. Something that didn't quite fit together.

Emily listened to Ascendancy's message. With the recent attacks and the rumors, something had to be said, but Emily hadn't expected this. She hadn't expected this at all.

She remained silent as the speech finished, her eyes still on the image of Ascendancy as it dissipated. Emily remained silent for a moment. It was then that the pieces came together.

Nox hadn't hurt her despite her abilities. In fact, he shared them. This Aria had said she wouldn't attack her. She said Nox wanted to make sure she wasn't in trouble. It's true that Aria could be lying - that this whole thing could be a trap, but she didn't think so. It would be way too elaborate for a trap.

The pieces click together into a clear image. "Your order is divided."
She said it as a statement, rather than a question. "Some of you think killing others even if they have extraordinary powers is wrong. Even if your order says that's not the case."

Emily was still wary, she didn't let go of her magic just in case. Her firearm was easily in reach too, despite being concealed. "But this makes things harder for people like you, doesn't it?"
Emily made the assumption that Aria was one of those who didn't attack innocents.

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