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[Domovoi] All Hell...
(( opening up so everyone can join in... Calvin you are being thrown into the fire pit.. ))

Alex had been in her small office reviewing personnel files Domovoi was growing. And it was part of her job to get to know them and make sure they could keep handling their new jobs. One new face who'd she yet to see was a prior patient. Alex hoped that wouldn't be a problem. Alex had avoided most people especially Ivan since the incident with Bas. The last thing she wanted was to be know for sleeping with the enemy and not revealing such information. She was saddened for his loss of life, but it was life.

But what made things worse that her father had gone missing. Luka had gone home after the little trollop of a sister came into her home looking for Giordano. And ever since then he'd been missing. She reported it, but there was still nothing. Alex wondered if they'd ever know what happened to him.

And then the world went to hell in an even bigger way - Ascendancy claimed to be on of these magical users. A man like Dane Gregory - dangerous. A man like Sebastian - dangerous. Like Andlain - dangerous. Alex moved her self into the largest conference room and knew that the entire squad would be there soon. There may not have been an all-hands call sent out yet, but there would be soon. They would all be there soon regardless. These men and women were dedicated to hunting monsters and now these so-called monsters were made real to the whole world. Their presence would be needed.
Calvin had received a promotion. That was exciting. His skill as an officer had earned him the promotion. His skills had yet to be revealed to his superiors. It was hard to put on a report that he had wolf like abilities.

Yet here he was on an anti-terrorism task force. Calvin was at headquarters, getting acquainted with his job and the people he would be working with. He had met several on the task force, but not everyone. Still there was a ongoing stiffness he had seen in most people there since Ascendancy made his message. And there it was - the "powerful two-legs" the wolves had spoken of.

Calvin entered a conference room only to see another occupant. He almost apologized for disrupting until he noticed who it was. "Dr. Pirozzi?"
He asked in surprise, before catching himself. "I'm sorry, I didn't expect to see you here. It's good to see you again."
It had been some time since he had seen the psychologist.
Alex looked up and saw Calvin standing in the doorway. She smiled at his words. "Where did you expect to see me?"
She laughed softly. "I thought you knew I worked for the CCDPD."

Though she was nearly as new as he was - but then everyone here was. New formation of the squad and all. "I heard about your graduation, and now your promotion. Congratulations. The Monster Squad as they call it around is an interesting place to be."

She waved her hand at the screen playing Ascendancy's conference on a loop. She was analyzing the things he said, his facial ticks, anything and everything - she only wished she'd been there in person. "We are in for a long haul here. I imagine everyone will be in soon. Tell me your thoughts on this magical news. Seen any magicians?"
Alex chuckled at the idea that Bas was a magician of any sort, or even Dane Gregory.
Calvin smile. "I knew you worked for the CCDPD, but not for an anti-terrorism task force. There are a lot of places you could work."

Calvin took a seat as she listened. "Thanks,"
he offered in regards to his promotion, but he hesitated at Monster Squad. That's the first he had heard of this. He thought Domovoi was just an anti-terrorism task force.

"I wasn't briefed on everything, but I'm guessing those are the kinds of terrorists we deal with - those like Theo Andlain?"
he said after he had put the pieces together. The mention of magical news brought that to his mind.

"I haven't met any like he speaks of - at least that I know of.
Calvin said. "The wolves have spoken of them though."

He was unafraid of telling the psychologist of his abilities. She already knew of them. "My superiors don't know yet. Should I tell them?"
Dorian sat uncomfortably in Ivan's passenger side for several blocks before he said anything. "Thank you for your help with Cruz. I owe you answers still, whenever you want to sit down and talk we should. However, please, leave my affiliation with the Atharim out of the office."
Dorian could hear the worry in his own voice, if they Atharim knew his cover had been blown they would do one of two things, remove him from his job and send him packing where no one knew him, or they'd end the loose end. And as the tensions were high now, he was leaning more towards the latter. Traitors were not suffered lightly, and he was currently one of those.

Dorian sighed and listened to the calls over the system. Things were definitely ramping up - things were about to get real.

Once inside the precinct and in their own little world the tension didn't lesson. The conference room was starting to fill, the Ascendancy's announcement played on the screen in a loop. It appeared the lovely Doctor was analyzing it's contents. He wondered what the woman knew, and what she speculated.

She was in conversation with someone Dorian didn't know. Dorian grabbed a cup of coffee, his brain wasn't addled, but it would at least perk him up. Today was going to be a really stressful day - and it had started out so wonderfully before.

Dorian stood just inside the door waiting to just as Dr. Pirozzi said "That is your choice."
Dorian hadn't heard the first half of the conversation.

Dorian stepped around the big burly man assessing him as he took a seat. No meeting had been called yet so he watched the Ascendancy on loop again wondering what Martin was planning. He glanced back at the new recruit and stood back up. "My apologizes...Dorian Vega. Welcome to the unit."
Dorian offered him his hand and nodded towards Dr. Pirozzi. "A pleasure as always, Doctor."

**** because I don't feel like logging in to Alex PPC/NPC status and all ****

Alex could only smile at Calvin as he came to the right conclusion. "Stranger things can happen."

He spoke about his talents and she nodded at his reluctance to tell anyone. "Only a few know my secret. And others have secrets as well. That choice is yours."

One of the other's stepped into the room and when she felt nothing but raw emotions from the man she frowned. She locked her shields down tighter, if he was penetrating her shields, he was clearly emotional, yet there was no sign on his calm face. It made Alex wonder about Dorian Vega. He sat down then almost immediately found himself standing and introducing himself and making greetings - like he'd forgotten himself. The perfect image was slipping and Alex wondered why. She would have to watch him more closely.
The car ride was mostly quiet. Ivan wasn't normally one to let it lie. He liked to fill silences with friendly chat. There were few people he didn't get to talking with. But in this case- with the announcement, well, there was a lot to think about.

The potential for violence here was bad. There were bound to be attacks, especially since Ascendancy had given the link between the sickness and those who could use the power. Anyone who had been sick- or hell, had a bout of pneumonia or even mono for that matter- might be set upon. It's not as if he hadn't seen things like that before. The terrorist attacks in DV had rekindled the fear of Muslims that seemed to have existed since like forever. And how many Sikhs or people from India were set upon, lumped in by ignorant extremists who's fears were fanned to a flame by irresponsible media and demagogues and hate groups. Not to mention riots and what not. They would have to get out in front of this.

These were the thoughts that crowded his mind when Dorian interrupted the silence. Ivan nodded at the words, appreciating the situation he was in. The guy was in it now, between the rock and the hard place. Cepting that the rock meant he was drummed and cashiered out of the CCD and probably charged with treason and the hard place meant the tender mercies of people who had spent how ever the hell long they had spent killing people who showed the slightest glimmer of power- and their families, he couldn't forget. Nope. Couldn't forget that. (And BT-Dub, he said to himself. You need to check on Volodin's family. They would now be a target of not just these Atharim, but also the public. Not like his name and mugshot hadn't been plastered all over the city. Might be some protocol they might need there too, regarding perps' ids. Another thing to talk to the LT and Cap about.) But anyway, Yeah, that was a sucky situation.

"No worries. The kid I won't say anything. does occur to me that- if you're serious about opening up- I can relay any information I get as from a CI that I uncovered."
He wondered what Vega would think. It was the best he could do at the moment. As it was, he felt a bit uncomfortable. It wasn't like Vega hadn't been forced to choose between his son and this group. If the kid hadn't gotten sick, he would'a continued to be a mole inside the Monster squad, feeding information, at least tacitly condoning that wanton murder they did.

So Ivan'd keep his secret for now, till he knew more, till he got more info about why the guy had joined, and a feel for what the man was really like. It was the best he could do.

They got back to Domovoi and both went in. The room seemed to be a mixture of confusion and purpose. Some of the staff sorta just stood around, not really sure what direction to take. Others were in groups talking. Alex was sitting with one that seemed to be forming there talking to another guy he'd not seen before. Older guy, from what he saw

He stopped an officer and tasked him with checking on Volodin's family. That out of the way, he went to the Doc and the new guy.

He stuck out his hand. "Hey. Seargent Ivan Sarkozy. How's it going."
He looked over at Alex. "Hey Doc. We got a mess on our hands don't we. Has the LT been in yet?"
If not, he and Vega would have to take charge until then, being the ranking officers. Get these people focused on things, working, ready for what was coming.

They had to get in front of this thing.

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Calvin nodded at Alex's advice. It was overall up to him if he wanted to say something about his abilities. Perhaps he would later, but at this point he'd keep quiet.

Two gentlemen asked, one smelled of stress. It wasn't unusual for this building at this time, however, this one was feeling it more than the rest. For what reason, he couldn't tell.

Calvin took Dorian's hand and then the Sergeants before introducing himself. "Calvin Johnson."

The one that seemed more stressed - Dorian - seemed to be distracted, whereas Sergeant Sarkozy seemed to be ready to get to work right away. Likely he wanted to keep everyone calm - get them working and they didn't have time to worry.
"No, Ivan. He has not been in yet. I expect he'll be along shortly with everyone else. This is some shit storm blowing in."
she grined at the bright eyed officer. Working with Ivan was always interesting.


Dorian sat back down in the seat he'd taken and watched the video. "So you think the Ascendancy has some big PR scheme going on here. Fear, chaos? Something to stir the pot even more than has already been stirred. The vigilantes are going to come out of the woodwork. People are going to start freaking out over the flu. This is a nightmare."

Yeah the flu - he wouldn't know anything about that. Or the vigilantes but such was the life of someone playing two sides at one time.
The Doc answered and Ivan felt frustrated. "Shit storm" indeed. Already, the news screens in the office were showing the protests down at the Kremlin, the running tape on the bottom listing incidents of violence attacks. Truthfully, he felt a stab of fear. He knew this was a normal reaction, expected it. But he was one of those people. And mobs were not exactly reasonable.

He clenched his jaw and looked at Dorian. Despite anything else, he was a seasoned officer. And the Doc knew human nature. Their squad was to handle crimes that were outside the sphere of normal police interest. And while they might individually lend a hand or as a group, if pulled from the higher ups, they still had their job to do. He would not see his city implode on itself. He stamped his fear down. They had work to do.

He looked at the doc and gave her a half-smile. Not like he was used to this. But something needed to be done. Until the LT or Cap showed, they were it. "Ok. So 'shit storm' it is. This is bad. And it will get worse. Right now, it looks like it's just about the people reacting in fear, lashing out at anyone. But it won't be long before someone like Andlain or Volodin decide to react? How long before some vigilante actually has an actual magic user target instead of some poor sop who just had the flu?"

The memory of the market attack was still fresh. Rioters were one thing. But what they could do- what he could do- to a rioting crowd? He didn't like the thought, no, not one bit.

"We need to get ahead of this."
But how? It's not like they had a list of people who had been sick so they could protect them- even IF they had the man-power to do it.

"We can't do anything about the lone vigilante attacks ahead of time. We simply dont' have the resources or the people to do it. That leaves the riots. If the people are rioting out of fear, those....magic people will also be afraid. They may lash out."
Out in a mob? The object of attacks? Yeah, he knew how he'd feel.

"I think we need to get people into place at the different protest spots. The one at the Kremlin seems the biggest. If a magic user reacts, we need to stop them and minimize any collateral damage."
Nevermind that reacting to being attacked was normal. He felt sick at the conflict within him. But a reaction like that would only escalate the situation, thrown gas on the fire.

He looked at the Doc and Vega. "Thoughts?"
This was a shit storm to say the least and Dorian couldn't believe what he was going to do, but it needed doing. "Excuse me a moment. "
Dorian knew what it looked like. He smiled at Ivan to reassure him. "I'll be right back. Trust me."
He hoped Ivan would understand when he brought back what he was going to get.

Dorian did what any good cop would do - he reached into his pool of information - except this information being leaked could get him killed. Dorian pulled up his Atharim database with names and address of known gods and suspected gods listed in Moscow. He printed a list of just that information. Nothing else. Names and addresses. Fuck, I'm going to be killed for this. But Ivan was right, this was his job and right now these people were just as much a danger to the world as the Atharim were to it. If the Atharim knew who they were, their neighbors would likely know. A new god threatened was dangerous - that's why they were taken down.

Dorian knew his name was attached to printing the list. He knew it would get him dead. But even if this were the end he at least could protect the city. It became a matter of what was more important. The Atharim or the city... Right now his son was at home - a new god - that was his priority - his son!

Dorian came back into the room and laid the list on the table. "Friends in high places. A list of suspected survivors of the sickness."
It was good to be the son of someone rich and powerful. His father wouldn't exactly like the idea of using Jivana as a source of such information but as long as no one asked directly he wouldn't say where it came from.

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