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Ana had kicked all the men to the basement. Cruz and Christian were downstairs doing whatever it was that Nox had been teaching her son. Ana didn't want to know the dangerous things that boy was teaching her son, but Cruz was definitely becoming a different man. Not cocky persay, but more confident in his natural born abilities. He'd always been gifted - now he was doubly so. The idea that her son came with these powers scared her - they frightened Dorian even more. She'd found her husband pacing the halls of the third floor that morning, she'd invited him into her sitting room and they talked. Christian had set an alarm for 4am and had gotten to work early. But Ana knew that it was because the new young man in their care was up at 4am and already working downstairs in the basement.

Dorian left then to catch a few hours of sleep before he was off in the morning as well. Ana's day was planned to the fullest. There was a great deal of redecorating that would be done and today she hoped that the little wolf girl would help with Nox being away. Cruz was going back to school so Nox would be away.

Ana sat in the kitchen waiting for the only other female body in the house to join her. Ana sipped at her coffee and nibbled at her egg white omelet. When the girl walked in Christian set coffee and a plate of breakfast on the seat next to Ana's and then left the kitchen for some much needed girl talk. Ana smiled. "How did you sleep, Elyse? Your boy was up early again."
Elyse awoke and as usual Nox was already gone. Elyse was used to this by now. He awoke, gave her a soft kiss on the forehead and left. Occasionally she would stir when he did so. Elyse found herself happier than she had been in a long time, and under normal circumstances she had been happy.

Elyse didn't feel like she had to hide here. She quit wearing her contacts around the house, only using them when she left. The hard part was getting used to being around people again. She was no longer the lone wolf. As a result, she had begun to calm down. Elyse was more like her usual self.

Elyse got out of bed and jumped into the shower. She dressed, putting on a light green shirt and a pair of blue jeans before heading down the stairs. Nox had left for the day to do his job. Elyse also knew Nox would be out for the night to see a friend. Nox was very honest when he told her he was going to a strip club. Surprisingly it hadn't bothered her.

Ana was sitting at the table and Christian set down breakfast and coffee next to Ana. Elyse smiled at him and took her seat. "Good morning, Ana,"
Elyse said. "I slept well. Nox always wakes up early."
Elyse didn't go into detail about Nox's reasons for getting up early. That was his business. "How are you?"
Ana smiled, it was not going to bode well if Christian was up at 4am everyday. He might have to speak with him later. "I'm a little tired. Dorian and I spoke well into the night last night. I'm sure he'll be dead on his feet by the end of the day."

Ana sipped at her coffee. "What are your plans for the day, while the boys are off at school?" Ana didn't really wait for an answer as she continued. "I was hoping that you might assist me in some of the redecorating. The men will be utterly useless. You and I are going to have to stick together until Lydia and Bell arrive to add to our ranks."
Dorian and Ana had been up most of the night talking. Elyse wasn't surprised. She remembered when she found out she was an "abomination." She had many sleepless nights. On top of that, everything had just flipped upside down.

Elyse ate fairly slowly - a habit from spending so much time by herself, but she sped up a bit as Ana spoke. Ana wanted help redecorating. Elyse could help, although it didn't really sound like her thing. She was a hunter, but she owed it to Ana and she really didn't have anything to do.

"I have no plans for today. Truth be told, I really don't know what to do anymore,"
she shrugged. "I can help - I'll try my best anyways. Who's Lydia and Bell?"
she asked curiously.
Ana smiled thankfully. It was good to have someone else around of the feminine nature who wasn't staff. "Lydia is our cook on the estate back in Madrid. She's been with us some upteen years now. Lovely lady - excellent cook though she can talk your ear off. Bell is the maid. She is in charge of keeping the house in order. Both of them are trusted staff members and your boyfriend said we should only use those we trust. Christian trusts them. I trust them. Christian runs the house - he's not the butler as some may assume because he answers the door. He's been with Dorian and I since the beginning. He's knows our every last little secret."

Ana sipped at the last of her coffee. "As for what you should do in the future - has it changed? There are still monsters that need hunting. As long as you stay with us there is no need to worry about food or lodging. Nox is here for the long haul, I doubt my husband or Cruz will let the lad go easily. Perhaps Dorian's new unit could use your abilities? Just because you are here doesn't mean you should stop what you were born to do. The world has not changed that much."
Elyse wondered why she already felt so comfortable around Ana. Elyse already felt like she could tell the other woman anything. The truth was Elyse was still scared even if she didn't show it. She didn't want to go out alone. Maybe it was because she was no longer alone and she liked being around people. Maybe it was because those who were once her allies would now be hunting her too.

Elyse looked down at her food trying to decide what to say. She trusted Nox, but she didn't want to burden him with her fears. He had so much on his mind right now - and he was still scared of what they had. The last thing Elyse wanted to do was push him away.

"Can I talk to you about something?"
Elyse finally said.

"Of course, darling,"

Elyse looked up. "It's just - two days ago I was hiding - from everyone. I was so alone. I avoided getting too close to people because - well I didn't want them to find out. The Atharim. And now - I feel different. Like I don't have to hide, but I still have to hide because they are looking for me - well they will be eventually."
she sighed. "it probably doesn't make sense at all, but I feel confused...and...I miss my parents. You see...I can't talk to them anymore. Because I have no idea what they would do."

A few tears dropped as she spoke her fears to Ana. She was a daughter who was afraid to talk to her parents. "I'm sorry. I hope I don't seem ungrateful. To be honest the past few days have been some of the best that I remember. But I worry."

Elyse found herself feeling relieved just to say all of that. Maybe she just needed to let it all out. "I feel better now. Thanks for listening. I needed to say that."

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Ana smiled as Elyse confided in her about her insecurities. What it might have been like to have a daughter...That was an old fight with Dorian and Christian a like one that was best left alone.

But Ana let the other woman speak and show weakness Ana couldn't imagine what it must be like living with people like Dorian and Nox - strong, confident and always having to prove yourself because you were a woman and different on top of that. "I am here if you need me, but I'm a poor substitute for your own parents. Dorian is having a difficult time adjusting to the thought that his son is something he believed should die at all costs. But he is a father before he is a cop or even Atharim. The one thing he loves more than himself is his son. I do not doubt your parents probably feel the same. I'm sure Nox could tell you something similar. He'd have a similar situation would he not? Good parents love their children beyond everything. If you beleive your parents to be good ones - talk to them. You can do so from the safety of distance or visit them. I'm sure Dorian could bring them here for a sit down. Since I doubt you are leaving the young man's side."
Elyse felt better. Quite a bit better actually. And maybe getting ahold of her parents wasn't such a bad idea. At the very least she could see. Elyse nodded in understanding. "I'll think about it."

Elyse stood up and took her plate to the sink, setting it down gently. "Thanks for listening,"
she said. "With all do respect, the door here is horrendous. Where do we start?"
Elyse asked with a smile.
Ana had to agree. "Yes it is. It is why Dorian asked me to fix it. I have no idea what possess Emilo to recommend this house to Dorian. I suppose he had reasons. The house itself is beautiful, but inside looks like some hunts man owned it."

Ana poured another cup of coffee and head into the entry way. "I would like more manly help to move the furniture but all this wall paper needs to come down. We can't have our guests thinking we live like this - so all public areas before we move on to the remainder of the house. This house will be fabulous in no time."

(( unless you have more you want to talk about we can leave it be unless you find redecorating fun lol ))
Elyse and Ana worked throughout the day removing some of the more hideous wallpaper and getting the walls ready for painting. Ana was right, it would look great rather quickly.

Elyse wasn't used to doing this sort of thing. She was a hunter, but she listened to Ana and followed her instructions. Elyse learned a lot that day, and for that she was grateful.

When they finished, Nox still wasn't home. He was probably out with his friend by now. Elyse decided to wait until he came home. She could use some time to herself anyways. When she was released from her duties, Elyse began to explore and familiarize herself with the house.

She found herself in a room lined with bookshelves. Elyse looked all of the books, not remembering the last time she saw so many. Come to think of it, she didn't remember the last time she read a book. She walked up to the shelf and pulled on out. Reading the back of it, it seemed interesting enough.

A slight sound made her turn around. She saw Christian and smiled. "Good evening. I hope it's okay that I was looking around."

"Of course, Elyse," he said with a smile. "You live here.

Elyse returned his smile. "Then I'm assuming it's okay if I borrow this book to read?"

He nodded. "Of course,"

It was the first real conversation Elyse had had with Chrstian. Elyse was glad to not feel so alone. She took the book to her room and sat on the bed, opening it. Elyse had heard of it before, but had never read it. She knew it was old - very old, but it excited her nonetheless.

"In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort."

It was an interesting start. It at least caught her attention. She decided to read until Nox got home.

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