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Lir' Compound 2000 hrs,
2000 hrs and all was assembled. Again the Viking's lined up on the attack ship and Manix was alone on the defense ship. Manix had tried not to think about this battle, this was going to test his skills too and he didn't want it to pre-planed. Easy enough with how busy he had been. He reached for the light, again grabbing it by the throat and taking it down into submission. Each time felt like it took hours, in reality it was less than a heartbeat.

The red flare launched and the fight was on. 2 boat crews hit the water, one in a zeppelin, on team under the water on scuba. A crew was on each side of the pool approaching in a standard "I" formation, 2 other crews on land fanned out further. Manix made his shield around himself and started a strong whirlpool in the center of the pool. The crew in the zeppelin abandoned the boat and willing floated into the malstorm. They began the test firing quick to get bearing an it wasn't long before paint markers hit the shield.

The crews on land, closest to the water was sent 2 more separate threads one build a high wall another built a low wall. Port side attackers hit the high wall while the starboard side tripped over the low. The other 2 crews were out of site. Manix used air and water to create a mirror to see behind him. The port side had built a human pyramid and reached the top pulling the others over, while the starboard side by the 3rd team member was hurdling the fallen with the rear members helping em up. Manix had a surprise for em and that was when the 1st sonic blast hit.

A bell rung in his head but he held the 4 weaves getting ready to adjust them. The second and third, forth , fifth, sixth, from all side one after another his the shield. Manix tied off the malstrom thread, his current shield he thought was making it worse. He expanded the side crushing down, that helped the echo, some. Port and starboard teams were closing in. Using Air he send a solid moving wall at both teams and saw it crash into them when the next round of sonics hit.

Four rounds hit this time the pain was horrible, Manix sank deeper into the waters of his mind. In the mirror 2 crews approached from behind, Port and starboard crews were recovering and getting ready for the 3rd round. Then Manix got an idea. He made concave cones on over his shield, when the 3rd round hit a majority was reflected back toward the Vikings. Even with ear protection they wasn't prepared for their own weapons to be turned on them. Manix was out of time, he was near exhaustion and in sever pain from the sonics.

he untied the malstorm and made it stronger, using wind he send both port and starboard crew splashing into the water (wishing he thought of it before) he sped up the malstrom to the point the underwater crews were now topside and vomit was filling the pool. During this same time 2 threads went behind him snagging one of the crews behind him, like a vine in the jungle. Wrapping them tight from toe to chin, easing just enough so they could breath. One crew he missed and they was at his door.

The lead crew member had raised the but of his weapon to strike the shield. A calculated move, a risky move, Manix dropped that portion of the shield. The Viking fell forward off balance, before he could recover Manix snap kicked him in the chest forcing him to fall back into the others. Manix quickly wrapped them up and tied off all threads but the malstrom, he was shocked with how many he had going at once. The blue flare was launched.

Manix was on his knees, he released and untied all the treads but held onto the power, if someone was hurt bad, he was afraid he could not get it back. 2 Crews were held back and they rushed out to help their team mates, SynJyn rushed to Manix, worried. Never before had he seen the boy so drained. The Vikings nearly won. "Corpsman up was heard from a few places, Manix stood still, they would call him if it was life threatening, did he have the strength to heal? "CAPTAIN MANIX!"
came from behind them.

SynJyn helped Manix up and over to the fallen, it was the man Manix had kicked in the chest. The Corpsman had him on leads and his rhythm was off and his blood pressure narrowing. Manix weaved spirit into the chest. what he saw was alarming, but he was sure he could fix it before passing out. The lining around the heart was filling with fluid and squeezing the heart to the point it could not beat (Pericardia Tampa node). Manix send in flows of all 4 of the elements that he knew of and released the fluid around the heart, breaking up the make up of the fluid so it could be reabsorbed. His blood pressured steadied. Manix then healed the surrounding tissue and use earth and fire to mend the 2 broken ribs, then he waited. He waited as long as he could to see if fluid would return, it didn't, at least for now. Sealing the lining he withdrew and released the power.

The Corpsman could handle the rest, they had standing orders on follow up of any patient Manix healed. The night had quieted or was Manix falling quiet. He looked for and couldn't find SynJyn, in fact he saw nobody, did they leave him? That was his last thought when he finally passed out.

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Later that evening, they returned with belongings in tow. Elias didn't have much more than what could fit in a single bag. Most of what was in there was clothes: personal items, a few extra shirts, a shark-tooth necklace that once belonged to his uncle, and face paints of course. He wore that makeup tonight, carefully rimming his eyes with thick lines of black. Black painted his lips too. He was already pale and wan, the darkened contours of his face only made him look sickly and wasting.

The amount of Rage that he sensed coming from the Lir compound was enormous. He ground his teeth, but didn't comment. Ascendancy wielded exponentially more in the Red Square, so much Elias had watched in awe. Manix must be the source he sensed ahead, but it was so much more than Elias knew he could handle. That much Rage would crush him.

They approached the compound, not quite sure what kind of scene to expect. Manix told him about an eastwing but Elias didn't know how to find it, or whether they should go there first.

Unsure, he traced the source of Rage that still radiated on his senses.

The scene he found was insane. Two city blocks were devoted to what appeared to be old warehouses, but inside was a giant swimming pool. Dummy ships floated in the water and Elias couldn't fathom how deep it must be.

A crowd had gathered, voices were raised and orders barked. Elias frowned when he looked at Asha.

"What's going on? What do you feel?"

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((OCC Ill let you finish ur posting b4 I have SynJyn wrap it up. You might want to read this. it is a detailed discribtion of the compound and on site training facilities. There is a large pool built in the compound with dummy ships where they do this. Ill have someone escort ya to east wing which will have its own posting site so ya'll have privacy))

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((Ooc: that's very helpful. I had no idea where I was going! Lol. I'll edit my post to reflect the location better. Thank ye, kindly.))
((occ, it's my bad should of told ya sooner))
Asha hadn't had much to gather from Aria's apartment -- almost all her possessions had been in the stolen car -- but she'd wanted to return to tidy up the remains of her presence, and make sure she left the place in good order. Back in the compound she trailed behind Elias, caution tempering her movements in a foreign place. She understood what he was following, though her senses translated it in a different way -- just great gaping emptiness that built like pressure. Her eyes widened when they came upon the training area, but it was the emotions of the crowd that tugged at her. With the emptiness winked out the strength of emotion trembled into her skin. Her hand crept to her chest; she could feel her own heart shuddering through her ribs. "Something bad,"
she said. Discipline marked these men, but their concern was tangible. "They're worried."
SynJyn had caught Manix when he finally gave into exhaustion. Yelling "Corpsman up"
he gave orders for Manix to be taken to his room to rest. Manix had tried to explain all this but what stuck in SynJyn's mind was the after care. Manix had told em that at anytime he over did it with the power, the safest course was just plain ole rest, so rest he would get, Chief would see to that.

He called all Vikings into formation, even if they had to limp over, they were after-all, Vikings. "Tonight was the real test, not only for you but for Manix. The Vikings DID NOT LOSE!, given the constraints of the training area our dive team was unable to engage. Tonight you fought a powerful power user, one who is also a Viking and has been learning tactics since he was a child. 99% of the power users out there would have fallen. Be proud, Be Viking's!"
A weak "Buh-yah" rose from the group, SynJyn smiled inwardly, the devilish bastards were worried about Manix. "Manix needs rest, he was uninjured in the fight, just exhausted from the fight and healing the one viking that he didn't mean to hurt. He felt bad for hurting him and over extended his healing when he was too tired to do so. He will be fine by morning. 48 hour leave for anyone not on duty. For those on scheduled duty you will rotate out on leave when revealed, Dismissed."

The teams were in much better spirits now, rather from leave time or knowing Manix was fine, they earned some time off to explore the city. SynJyn had no need to remind them of the their "off duty" gear regulations, nor the fact that they were not allowed within a mile of the Kremlin unless out of uniform and unarmed. They would need permission from himself for that, he might even give it, not like they relied solely on guns for combat.

SynJyn had one job left to do Before going to check on Manix. Going over to Elias and Asha: "Your late, 2000 hrs means just that, not 2000ish. The front Marine guard will let you into the East wing. 48 hours I gave my men, and 48 hours for you to settle in you have, Manix will need time to recover."

Leaving without waiting for an answer he head off to Manix's room to make sure he was resting.

(OCC there will be a East Wing thread for y'all, You can mode the Maine guard as you enter, no need to wait on me. Also I'll detail the east wing for you, enjoy.))
Elias watched Manix be carried off, irritation churning slowly in his gut. Synjyn' orders carried to their ears and Elias' deadpan face transformed into a frown. Forty-eight hours?

He grit his teeth, clutching the straps of his bag tight in in his fist. The leather dug into his palm.

Synjyn's first greeting was a rebuke. Elias only shrugged, not having looked at the time since arriving. Of course they were on time but quickly became lost in the meandering compound grounds. Who cared?

He quickly sent Damien a message. Since he'd told him to come at 8, it seemed the plan had changed. 'Never mind tonight. Come in two days. Our trainer got himself hurt.

Slipping his uncle's Wallet back to his pocket, he gathered his things and trailed after the marines. There was nothing he could do about it now.

At one point he did speak to Asha about it, "Earlier today, Manix made us agree to show up at 8:00. We hurry off and back only to find out we're waiting two whole days to even start? Hurry up and wait?"
Continued at East Wing.

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