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East Wing of Lir Compound
The East Wing of the Lir compound is connected to but still separate from the rest of the compound. The walls between the East Wing and the rest of the compound are reinforced for attacks, while the East wing itself is a simple stylish home. No security camera were installed onto this side of the residence to give visitors their privacy.

Manix decided upon this based off the idea, if he trusted in his home, then they deserved privacy.

Entering thru the main door the Marine guards directs visitors to the right, thru and over sized door leading into the East Wing.
The mansion itself was surprisingly nice once they were inside. Before, he recalled the meeting in Manix's office probably was off in the other direction. This side of the house, the east wing as it was dubbed, was just as elaborate. Good furnishings. Decorations. Paintings. Elias felt like he'd gone back in time. The rich woods, heavy curtains and plush rugs felt Victorian in era. The darkness suited him.

If they had to wait two days, there were worse places to be. First thing after depositing his bags in a bedroom with a four-post bed and a mural of a river on the wall, he found the kitchen. He met up with Asha again cradling a bowl of cereal in his lap and watching tv in darkness, the light of the screen glowing blue across his skin. Feet up, coat off, hair in a low ponytail, he was actually rather content for the moment.
Continued from 2000 hours:
Manix came to the large double doors that connected to the West Wing to the East Wing. They was made of reinforced steel and alarmed. Deactivating the alarm he rang the bell to let his guest know he was outside waiting.

((This event follows the next morning of the training see:

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Damien had spent enough time walking around the antique luxury wing for the time being. Quaint, but it had it's charms, and it was certainly expensive. Maybe the old fellow had a soft spot for the nostalgic past. Not that it would do him any good. The past could never be brought back, no matter how many men and women tried to hold onto it. It was best to embrace change. Make use of it.

He was surprised when some kind of doorbell rang. Strange antiques indeed. Shrugging, he moved to the front door and opened it.

Looking the man up and down, Damien smiled. "Our generous benefactor! My name is Damien Oakland, although I would prefer you to keep that to yourself. What can do for you, Manix Mac Lir?"

He was pretty sure that was the fellow's name. Unless Elias had fed him false information. He wouldn't put it past the gloomy boy.

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The man who opened the door was not anyone he had met before. He knew others were coming but just sighed, the dangers of giving guest free run.

"You can be calling me just Manix, Unless we be on a ship, then Captain it is."
He paused, he accent was thicker than normal, must of had to bell rung in his head. Manix studied the newcomer he looked somewhat like Elias, but maybe it was the hair, he also seemed older than Manix.

"Welcome to the East Wing, I was unable to greet everyone properly after the training session"
Manix did't see any of the others close but it was a big wing. "Do ye be using the power the same as Elias, if so than ye need to be sitting with us for training?"

Manix's head hurt and he didnt even wait for an answer, he just turned around and went back to his room

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