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The Search for the Regus
(( Just a time filler - I have no point to the thread. Feel free to jump in ))

Things with Dane had gone differently than expected. Promises were made - plans started. Aria was still reveling in the fact that Dane was back. The call of her power made walking the halls of the Kremlin difficult. The raw need to hurt was calling and Aria had to keep herself far embedded in her emotionless bubble. Not for her own safety - but for that of others. She was certain that the Ascendancy would only be so lenient.

The ZARS agents were scouring Moscow looking for any sign of the Regus. Aria gave them the location of several safe houses the Atharim commonly used. But she kept the ones with the most to lose a secret from her new found lackies. They didn't like reporting to her. But would Aria didn't like reporting to an unknown factor either. Her ZARS handler was still her handler. He was the intermediary between the agents and herself. She had never laid eyes on them.

Aria told them of the weapons used to fight Ascendancy earlier, but as of yet none of the safe houses had yielded any. They had only the two devices that she and Martin had carried, and they were likely damaged from the fight. Aria still missed her sword - she had nothing right now except her hands, and it bothered her a great deal. The need for the long duster type coat was unnecessary yet that was the first purchase Aria made. She would recover her sword! If she didn't she would make her case known to the Ascendancy himself. To have the ear of such a powerful man was almost as intoxicating as her own ability.

Today, Aria was searching the ruins of the Baccarat Mansion. She needed to see if Nox had a map of the tunnels still - it was the only logical explanation. How did the Regus get out with nothing capturing him on camera.

Aria crouched on the perimeter of the ruins thinking, as she absently fingered a piece of charred concrete. Where had the Regus gone? Why has he not reached out to the network...

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