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Domovoi v Atharim?
The last few days passed in a blur of things. Between work and home life Dorian barely had time to think. He'd tried to think down in the tunnels - tried to get his head on straight but duty had called and he'd had to leave. He wondered about the other heat signature. He really should send Nox down below - maybe go with him maybe with Ivan? There was so much to worry about.

Dorian had received a letter from Martin. It turned out the man had made precautions in the event that he had died. He had died. Nox assured Dorian that it had to do with the attack at the Kremlin. He wouldn't elaborate, or he couldn't either way Nox knew little more than Dorian anyway.

The letter was short and very concerning.

<dt>Letter from Martin</dt>
<dd> </dd>

I'm sure you've heard the devastating news by now - I am dead. I am not writing to have last words with you of a good nature. My friend, what have you done? I wanted to confront you personally to see that you had not betrayed us. Why did you print the names and addresses of the list of gods and potential gods? Dorian, please tell me you have not sided with them. Someone else will eventually find out. I have not told anyone at the time of my demise. I write this to let you know we are coming for you. You will die my friend for your treachery. Enjoy your family while you have the time. Your days are numbered.

-- Martin

But so far there had been no Atharim attempts on either, his or Nox's life. Traitors were seen little more than the gods and monsters they hunted. And truth be told, they probably took priority over the gods and monsters. So either no one said anything, or something else was going on. But none of them really knew. None of the people he knew at the moment wanted to take that risk. Better to live in ignorance for now.

But Dorian stood outside the Captain's office waiting for a moment of the man's time. He'd outted himself as Atharim. Not that it really changed anything - except now he could openly use his knowledge to aid the police. And he wasn't reporting back to the Atharim. Dorian had Martin's letter tucked in his breast coat pocket for now. He'd show the Captain where his loyalties were if necessary. But he didn't think it would be.

Dorian sat down in a chair to stop himself form pacing. He'd wait till the Captain was ready. It wasn't like he was going to get yelled at. That would have happened days ago. There was nothing to be nervous over.
Captain Aleksandrov waved the last of the screens away from his desk. For the moment, he was 'caught up' on the paper work. Since the declaration of magic, and with the at least token evidence of success the Domovoi task force had demonstrated in recent weeks, he had been working with other Dominance police forces to start establishing the ground work of similar teams across the CCD.

They had been remarkably lucky so far; for the most part, the revelation seemed to have been taken peacefully, in the CCD at least, but it was just a matter of time before magic-users started causing serious trouble. And the police needed to be ready to deal with it.

The real challenge continued to be just what to do with them after they were arrested. A challenge that showed no real signs of solution any time soon.

A moment was spent to collect himself, before he summoned Dorian to enter. The man had led an interesting life, it seemed, but despite having surely been put into place with the intent of spying on the police for the Atharim, a practice they had surely been following for centuries, there was no evidence that the man was a working against them. He had a wealth of experience and knowledge, and was freely providing it with his fellow officers.

Well, whatever he wanted to talk about, the Captain would not deny him the opportunity.
Dorian was called into the office and he could feel the flutter of butterflies tumbling about in his stomach. Was it really so hard to put his two worlds together? Because that's what he would need to do to survive - for Cruz to survive. There needed to be a middle ground.

The door opened easily but Dorian felt almost like the world was being left behind as he stepped into the Captain's office. Dorian wasn't sure about any of this, but he needed to know that his son was safe and the only way to do that was to make sure there were options.

Dorian opted to stand until asked to sit. It was easier to do this without having to worry about offending the ranking officer. He'd done enough of that with Martin - god rest his soul. He would miss his friend. Even if he'd died disappointed in him - he was still his friend.

"I have a concern. The argument that the rookie had when you walked in the other day isn't without it's merits. He was right, the big bads will start walking Moscow with the Atharim scattered. I don't know much about what's going down, but they are scattered. Nightmares, oni, drekyen they are all going to walk the nights praying on the human innocents. There is not a person save Sarkozy that is trained in handling these things. And Sarkozy is needed else where with these g... Ascendants running around."

Dorian sighed. "I can only do so much, provide so much. This, here, is my job. A field hunter would be better equipped to help us on the side and train our people."
Captain Aleksandrov and the Chief Inspector had discussed that very topic. What would happen with those monsters, if the Atharim were removed from the picture? Unchecked, they would hunt and prowl, ever bolder without anything to stop them. The man's argument was not without merit; they hadn't the experience and training that would be needed to deal with such things, but what they lacked there, they gained in other areas. It was much easier for the police to act in such matters, not having to worry about leaving no trail.

Admitting the monsters were real was something they simply could not do; that was for the government. But when on the hunt, such things could be more easily hidden behind the relative normalcy of police operations. It wasn't ideal, but they would do what they could, if the Atharim proved unable and unwilling to cooperate.

Of course, there was another point of which they had discussed. Beneath the city streets were thousands, if not tens of thousands of unregistered people. People who, according to the system, simply didn't exist. People that lived in the tunnels and ruins under Moscow; a literal shield of meat between the tax paying residents of DI and those creatures the Atharim hunted.

Some found their way to the surface, but it only seemed reasonable to assume most, and certainly the worst of them, were down there. And if the Atharim stopped hunting, those people would be the first to suffer. Or suffer more then they already were, at least. And for those people, there was little the police could do. Officially. And even unofficially, neither were entirely willing to voice their suspicions of why a blind eye had been turned to all those people that lived down there.

"I need solutions, not problems. Is there some means we could begin advertising within their circles that we are willing to work with them?"
Dorian smiled. "I have two currently residing in my house with a potential third on her way."
Dorian knew Nox would help but Elyse he wasn't sure on and Aria - well there was no telling what the little song was going to do even if she had survived the attack on Ascendancy. The news stories hadn't even mentioned the Atharim - not specifically and for that Dorian was grateful. It made his life a little easier.

Troubling thing was Nox and he were still receiving information like nothing had happened. Something was amiss.

Dorian wasn't sure that subterfuge was going to be necessarily. "I think if the CCDPD makes a public announcement to the general populace, stating they are willing to work with these vigilantes - these Atharim as the Ascendancy called them instead of pressing charges for those who cooperate. Appeal to their baser instinct of 'we are better than you'. We need their help - be truthful in that. You have a shrink on staff that can evaluate each one. And there is one fool proof method of proving that an Atharim is who they say they are. The tattoo. Every fully initiated Atharim will bear the orobours on the left forearm. No other place - always the left forearm."

Dorian went on to include immediate training. "While we find more like minded Atharim. I have one who would gladly take any officer down into the tunnels and teach them the ins and outs of battling monsters. Where their weakness are, what's their locations are, how they feed. Nox is one of the Ascendants - he fights the monsters with his power, but that also means he can keep our people safe while he's training them hands on. I'm sure Ivan can vouch for Nox as well."

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Ivan's mind wandered all over the place as he drove away from the hospital. He was tired. So very freaking tired. He'd put in a full day, then had hit the gym. And then running around to find James. And then there were the hours at the hospital. Useful- more than useful, actually. What he had seen was simply amazing.

But he was tired. Like fall on your face tired. From 10 to a 1. He was crashing. The world held its breath, though. They didn't know what happened. He hoped Ascendancy made his announcement or reveal soon.

A smirk appeared on his face as he shook his head. Politicians. Always ready to use whatever happened to further their goals. Like the whole story about the nuclear bomb. Obviously a phony account- one he couldn't really fault them for, he supposed. Couldn't very well tell everyone about...what was it Aria had called it? An Ija...well, whatever it was, it had attacked the Ascendancy and the Sigma and the damage was bad. Like seriously bad. Like they really were about to die. He knew what that would have done to the empire. So he got it. Sort of. The nuclear thing was a little over the top, though. The whole story about saving everyone. That had been manufactured.

No. He didn't like politics. Just wasn't his thing. Having to figure out all the ramifications of your actions and words to maintain your position or power? He preferred honesty- or at least being as honest as possible and what happened happened. Which was probably why he'd never be a captain. Well, that didn't really appeal to him anyway.

Anyway, so he was driving home and his thoughts kept rambling and wandering. He needed sleep. He called in and let the cap know. Then it was home and he was in his bed, windows partially open. It was spring in Moscow, which meant that it still got nippy at night. But that just made him sleep better, with his blankets piled high. Just before he drifted off, he reminded himself to give Zoya a call.

He slept hard, through the day and on to the next morning. Didn't even remember his dreams. Then he got up did the usual stuff. True to form, the Ascendancy had milked the whole reveal for all it was worth. He had to give it to the man- and his PR department. They knew what they were doing. Things seemed to have quieted for a moment, all the little fires and such being doused.

Still, there was work to do. After the gym and shower he headed to the station. He need to check in with the cap. And figure out what direction Domovoi was gonna go. With Aria being....well, he wasn't actually sure what the Ascendancy had in mind, there with her or what her position was. In any case, things were gonna change.

He rapped on the door and then popped his head in. Vega was there with the cap. He nodded to the man. "Hey Cap. Just checkin in."
He could come back when they were done.
Vigilantes were exactly not what Captain Alexandrov wanted. At least not in the long run. Police could not work hand-in-hand with such people; they did not understand the laws and policies that held the police to a high, and public, standard. But, sacrifices would have to be made. Although willing to bring in those Atharim that were set to flee their own organization, they were, at the end of the day, a cult. They had a belief structure, a set of morals that set them apart from common people, something that had been needed for them to both be able to exist for so long unnoticed and untracked, and to be able to face the things they had to.

"The department needs more people like Officer Sarkozy and yourself. People who have passed through the training and education needed to serve as officers of the law. We are willing to bring in these fleeing Atharim, but they will, in time, be held to the same expectations and standards, and repercussions to their actions, as any other officer."
There was an unspoken 'but' there. In time, being the point.

"Everything must change to the times. Something the Atharim will have to learn, one way or another. We are willing to work with them, but their organization has grown defunct in the modern age. And they will need to embrace that change to survive. They are in the open now, and must step into the modern age with the rest of us."
People trusted the police, for the most part, because of the standards they were held to. Training, education, and oversight. They were beholden to the same laws as the people they were tasked to protect. Vigilantes considered themselves above that, above law.

But they were walking in uncharted territory, so to speak. And exceptions would be made. The idea of sending his people to fight monsters with someone that could channel the sorts of power, someone other then Officer Sarkozy, a trained police officer, was...troubling, but if this person was indeed as experienced as he said...

They were interrupted then by a knock on the door and the arrival of Officer Sarkozy himself. Captain Aleksandrov did hold to an open-door policy, but that usually stood when the door was...well, open. But, it was fortuitous, considering the topic at hand. "Ah, perfect. You should tell me of your friend, Nox, Officer."

His tone was dry, easily interpreted as if Ivan had just walked in on something he might have preferred to miss out on. Like having been ousted as knowing someone who hunted monsters using magic, and not informing the task force on his own. But, in fact, the Captain was not angry about it. It was just an opportunity to give the man a hard time.
Ivan was startled- as much by the Cap's words as his tone. There seemed to be a look of knowing like Ivan was caught out or something. He shot a glance at Vega and smiled. Well, duh. It made sense. Vega had made his choices. Of course he'd mention Nox. The guy was cool for all of his bravado. Especially if the Ascendancy was serious about the Atharim working with Domovoi.

In any case, there was nothing for it but give the Cap an update. He came in. "Nox is a good guy. He and I went down into the tunnels and we found some dangerous creatures to hunt."
He remembered the hunt with Xena too. "Cap'n Drayson made it clear that these little....excursions were to be 'off the record.' But Nox knows what he is about. He helped me make some progress. The, uh, power that he and I and the Ascendancy can use requires training. Even to grab hold of it in the first place. He helped me so I can seize it any time I want now."

The explanation was given in a comfortable easy language despite being about something so other-worldly. That was Domovoi's bread and butter and he was sure the Cap had had plenty of experience to not bat an eyelash at anything he said. In fact...

"Nox could be useful in teach other...."
- what was the word he heard on the radio?-[/color]"channelers that might be made part of Domovoi."[/color] Especially of Ascendancy meant to expand the Domovoi. " I mean, aside from myself. He's not an officer, after all."
He looked at Vega. Vega was a source of information too. And he WAS an officer.
Dorian had to agree with Ivan - Nox would not make a good officer. "He's right on that point. Nox wouldn't make a very good officer. Too headstrong, and very set in the Atharim way. It would take a lot to train any Atharim who didn't come into our organization with the intent purpose of infiltrating the CCDPD."

Dorian smiled. "However, they are excellent instructors in the otherworldly."
Dorian sighed as he was about to reveal yet another secret, one hinted at but this would be confirmation and Dorian prayed that there were no Atharim listening right now or Cruz's life would be in immediate danger and Nox's plans to roam the city would be halted. "I've been watching Nox teach Cruz about his new found gift. For all his bravado, he does know what he's doing. I can assess his knowledge of the underground city and his Atharim knowledge easily enough by taking him down into the tunnels. I found a nest of Oni that need to be eliminated. Office Sarkozy and any other officer you feel might benefit from such an excursion are welcome to join us. I'm sure Nox would love the chance to show off."
"Legally speaking, I cannot deploy Domovoi agents without proper, officially recognized, cause. To send them into the sewers to hunt...what, Japanese demons? is outside the task force's official purview. That said, this task force was formed before magic users were officially recognized."

Aleksandrov sighed quietly and looked between the two men. "So no, I cannot grant permission to deploy Domovoi, even if it is for the opportunity to begin building useful skill sets. And should any agents be hurt, or killed, in the sewers, acting independently of official police business? Well, injury would count as having happened off work hours. On personal time. And while we have excellent medical coverage, it'd be much the same as busting a knee playing football on our day off. Not a work related injury, not fully covered. And no medical pension benefits for that matter."
He had to think of the legal sides of things, after all. "And death benefits don't pay out nearly as much when you die off duty."
He wasn't saying no, only advising what the repercussions could be.

"However, I do encourage off-hours team building exercises."

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