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Aria plucked at the ill-fitting pants. All her belongings had been in the warehouse except what was deemed unimportant or Asha was using in the small studio apartment she'd started out in. Now all her brand new things were sitting in the basement of the Baccarat mansion where she was certain she was no longer welcome. Nox was probably unwelcome not that she could actually send him a message anyway, she had no wallet.

The weapon the Regus had pointed at her had not only fried her skin, but her electronics. He sword was still missing. Her ZARS handler whose name she found out was Michal, had said the scene was devoid of swords as was the corpse of Martin Barovsky, someone had taken it and Aria intended to find out who. Michael was also the person who had purchased a few changes of clothing once Aria told him of her problem. He had purchased clothes that wouldn't stand out in the Kremlin as easily since that was the place she was staying for the foreseeable future. They didn't fit well but at least they weren't hideous but it still was not something she'd wear on a normal basis. Aria couldn't wait to be out from under the thumb of the stuffy politician types. Though here was far safer than anywhere else until she figured out how much the Atharim knew and who was hunting her.

But the problem with being in the Kremlin was the same as being stuck inside the Bacarrat mansion under house arrest it was boring. Her room was well furnished, there were guest facilities, Aria didn't have any desire to hit the gym. Especially since Jensen James had given her back what Manix had taken.

The feeling of the world crushing her was a welcome feeling. It was home. It was life. It was who she was. She would never doubt the gift she'd been given. Jensen believed if was Gods will. Aria knew better but wished that it was for all that it was worth. But God nor the Atharim would save the world from the war that was going to fall upon this earth. The Atharim were going to reign fiery hell down upon the godlings, and the godlings were going to do the same in return, and all the innocents the Atharim want to save will be caught in the crossfire.

Aria chose to walk the halls of the Kremlin, going where she could, feeling the world around her. The happiness, the frustration, the chaos of everything, and in it all was order. In their feelings she found hope and remembered why the Atharim were created. She had believed in God and the Atharim. The Regus of current had corrupted that belief. She would not hunt gods - not ever. How could she compete with them, why would she want to. They could still be ally's. The monsters will not go away when the Atharim and the godlings destroy themselves - the monsters will remain - someone has to kill them. Use the monsters to hunt the monsters. Aria smiled as she walked in hope - Lucas would be proud. She only had to fight the darkness. The deep penetrating darkness that was like candy to a child. It called to her, beckoned her with blood and fear and death. She would need to hunt again soon that much she knew.


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