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Zixin set up his offices in a legitimate building, but he truly worked when and where ever he wanted. And what work it was. He heard from all five of the Russian mafia families to date, and each owed him a debt of some kind. Halting humiliation. Restoring strength. Unveiling truth. Revealing secrets. Unmasking enemies.

But out of all the thrilling high-wire acts he performed, tugging at the strings of the Vasilev family was the ultimate thrill. It was like walking a tightrope suspended over a pit of rabid wolves, but Zixin wouldn't have it any other way. He played his cards just right, leaving wedges so deep that you could practically hear the fiery snaps as he asserted his dominance. He practically pressed his polished shoe on the self-righteous Pavel Vasilev's neck, but he held back from crushing it. Why? Because he could. And Pavel knew it.

Zixin lived for the danger, although not so much that he wanted to experience the full-scale smiting of the Russian retaliation. So, he walked the fine line, keeping his wits sharp at all times. His work in this world was far from finished.

Just then, a message blinked to life on one of his screens.
“He’s here.” It read.

Zixin ordered the man himself to be sent in, and meanwhile went about the process of minimizing all his open screens. There was no way in hell he was going to allow this kid to glimpse a single google search, let alone the myriad profiles and accounts on view.

As the door creaked open, Zixin gave the newcomer a nod of approval. The ‘man’ before him was more like a boy, really.

With a sly grin, Zixin tossed him an envelope filled with cash. "Well done, Haruto."

Caught off guard by the unexpected toss, Haruto quickly regained his composure and checked the envelope's contents.

"Thanks, Mr. Kao," he replied, tucking it into his jacket pocket. He then stood at attention, ready for his next marching orders.

To which Zixin happily obliged.

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