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All She Wants To Do Is Dance (Kallisti)
Elyse took a deep breath and looked into the mirror. Yellow eyes gleamed back at her, seeming more bright than usual. For the first time since her transformation, her eyes were uncovered in public. Well they would be when she took the stage for the first time. 

Elyse still couldn’t believe it. She was a burlesque dancer now. And it seemed as if she was at least accepted by the others here. Of course Mae bad always accepted her. Elyse found herself smiling at that and felt a blush begin to form in her cheeks. It quickly disappeared with a breath. Elyse was aware of her crush on Mae, but wasn’t sure Mae felt the same. Either way, they were friends. 

Elyse moved to her locker and began to pull out her costume. She had remained hidden for so long, and now, she felt she had to fully embrace who she was. Her costume consisted mostly of earth tones reminiscent of wolf colors. She would top it off with a headband with wolf ears on the top. 

Elyse looked at her costume. It wasn’t really something she would wear all the time. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed of her body, she had just never worn so little. Still, despite the nerves, Elyse was excited. More excited than she had been in a long time. With a smirk she stood up, beginning to change for her first night at her new job.
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Elyse's first night on stage would be a good one. It wasn't long after the hype of Nox's last show, the crowds were still big in hopes of catching his act, but he rarely was on stage more than once for a given show. Not that Kallisti had forsaken the show, it still played, Nox just didn't play his part, he'd hand it off to the other girls and guys who could do the work involved. The Atharim hadn't shown their faces since the night, but then Nox's security measures were ever present. Between Bruno's extra gruffness towards patrons and the all hands 'don't touch the windows' call it was still business as usual despite it all. Mae thought he was just overtly paranoid, but she knew what he felt anyway -- which was rarely anything but preoccupied.

Elyse changed in the locker room, which Mae thought was cute, no one used it except to store their personal belongings, it was cold and heartless all tile and benches -- and showers of course. And they rarely bothered with the sexed rooms, using which was ever free. Nox regularly showered in the women's 'shower' citing the pressure was better. And having showered in the mens shower Mae agreed -- it was better. No one was shy, they sold sex for a living even if it wasn't as outright as the strip clubs or brothels.

Only time the bathrooms became gender assigned was when their were little girls around -- Nox's orders. Sterling and the twins were almost part and parcel to the back rooms now. Everyone used to them, helping Nox take care of them while he dealt with his numerous things on his plate.

Mae wrapped her blue feather boa around Elyse's neck with a soft smile from behind. She touched the forearm of the other woman even though it was still covered in the garments of before. "You might want to cover this. Nox doesn't have to worry since his was lost to the monsters." Meaning the entirety of his arm was gone below the elbow. Her fingers danced across the location where the symbol of the Atharim would be. "No reason to stir anyone's feelings on such matters while you show the world what you have to offer. And they can't have."
Seven tipped a hundred almost immediately after entering Kallisti, which resulted in a promising smile by the hostess as her gloved arm slipped around his. Unlike last time Seven attended, the club was far more comfortably filled. He could breathe, but for a brief moment upon pushing through the threshold between lobby and floor, he held that breath. His gaze scanned the heads in sight, but alas, none of them were the platinum blonde he sought. He'd lost her sometime that night, and not even a man of his connections could find neither a name nor a number. Yet he looked for her. He couldn't stop thinking about her.

Also unlike that night, he wore something a little more traditional, if no less flashy. Seven was cut with a retro-inspired charm of a suit that read refined and endlessly sophisticated - even if the cocktail jacket was a velvet sheen the color of magenta. Only someone like 7 could really pull that off, and he walked like he knew it too; beneath the jacket was a hot pink charmeuse shirt and a dark magenta velvet tie. He could feel the hostess rubbing his forearm seductively along the cloth, which he openly appreciated with a curl of his free hand upon hers. As he slipped into a seat, her hand grazed the knee of his burgundy trousers.

He ordered a drink, which she was happy to retrieve, but Seven never quite stopped looking for that familiar face.
Seven ✧ Freyr ✧ Daryen
Elyse smelled Mae before she arrived, but still couldn’t help but smile as the boa wrapped around her neck. Elyse stepped back slightly until she could feel herself come into contact with the other woman’s body. She was feeling a little flirty today.

Elyse turned her face to look back as Mae’s fingers touched her forearm over her atharim tattoo. ”I’ve been thinking of that,” she said, a faint smile on her lips.

It was the truth too. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be parading her connection to the Atharim anymore. Elyse wasn’t even sure if she was a member anymore. The majority of them would kill her without a thought. The thought cause a brief lapse in her smile, but Elyse quickly recovered.

”what would you suggest?” she asked, her back still pressed to Mae’s body. Elyse sighed, ”I feel both excited and nervous about tonight. Mostly excited if I’m being honest though.”
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The press of the other woman against her front made Mae smile. She was welcoming the touching despite the rules with the clients. It was a change. But there were things Elyse didn't know and if this line kept moving forward there would need to be a discussion. She liked Elyse and relationships in the work place were difficult, there was a prime example of one between Nox and Raffe. Whatever was going on with them everyone ignored it the best they could. It was best to pretend everything was right as rain.

"You could cover it with makeup. Or a well placed costume piece. We could come up with a signature piece that no matter the costume you always wear." That sounded like a fun project. "If you are less inclined to keep it there is a whole cover up tattoo. I know a great guy. I don't suggest Nox's method though, losing such a beautiful limb would be devastating." Mae ran her fingers up Elyse's arm and nuzzled the back of her neck.

"Excitement is good. There is nothing to be nervous about. No one out there can ever touch you. Bruno and Nox and the rest of the boys they'll make sure anyone who does never steps through the doors again. So you be you and do this thing. You got it."
Talking with Mae always made Elyse feel better. It was still surreal that the other woman had convinced her to try this. At the same time, Elyse was grateful. Everyone had been so accepting of her, golden eyes and all. She had detected some nerves. Apparently, a wolf kin had gone crazy here once. Elyse wasn’t worried about herself going there - not anymore.

”Nerves are mostly because this is a new experience. They will go away with time. I’m not really nervous about being touched. On that front, I’m more nervous about defaulting to my own defense tendencies if someone gets handsy rather than waiting for Nox and crew to do their job.” Elyse gave a chuckle while gently extricating herself from Mae’s grasp.

Elyse began to change into her costume. She wasn’t ashamed of her body, and she knew most of the other dancers didn’t use the locker room to change. Elyse had come in here to take some time for herself. Still, she was glad Mae had found her.

”For tonight, I think, I’ll just cover it with make up. I can work on a more permanent solution later.” her voice trailed off and her hand moved towards the tattoo, now visible. ”im not sure I’m ready to remove it or a cover up yet. Sometimes it’s hard to let go…”
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Mae nodded. "I get that. When you are ready come on out. The joint's starting to hope. You'll be on up after Candy. The big show will follow so there won't be many hands tonight until afterwards, and they'll want to reach for the big stars they just saw. If you want a second shot after the big show we can slot you in. We always have a few open for the night cause Nox likes to slip in with one and sometimes the girls want an extra swing through for extra tips. I'll get the coverup and stuff ready and meet you out there." Mae nuzzled Elyse with a smile. "Break a leg!"

[[ooc: figure we can jump past more conversation and include Seven with the dance and after. ]]
tattoo covered, Elyse waited offstage. Candy was about to finish her set. Elyse took a deep breath. She was up next. She quickly checked her costume - everything seemed to be in order. Then again, what she was quite revealing. Bring in great shape, Elyse had accentuated that.

Another breath. ”You’ll be okay. You got this!” A girl behind her said. Anna was her name.

Elyse smiled in gratitude as Candy left the stage. Elyse came in at her introduction. In her mind, all sounds besides the music stopped. Elyse moved into her routine. As Mae had told her, a lot of her skills transferred. She moved with grace and balance and told a story with her dance. The audience wouldn’t know, but it was her story. A lone wolf seeking a pack.

As Elyse grew more comfortable, she looked more into her audience. They seemed to be responding well. She had to wonder how her eyes glowed in the lights and how many people actually knew they were her real eyes.

Edit ((OOC: if it’s not clear - she didn’t finish on stage yet))
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

Mae watch from backstage. She could have gone out and watched it proper, but she would have had the attention of a customer or two if she were lucky. And Elyse's first performance deserved a rapt audience. She moved with all the grace of the wolf that she was kin to. How that was possible Mae didn't know, but then again how did Juls and Nox and all the others do what they do? It was all a mystery to her.

She felt the audience responding to their newest addition and she smiled. The golden eyes pulled in more curiosity than most gimmicks -- except for maybe those who could channel the power of their gifts for all to see.

Most of the staff was also watching. It was good to encourage their newbies. To show them love and support. Even Nox watched from the wall he held up in his job. His look was gradually changing, he was embracing the life. The makeup he wore today was much more out there than the subtle guyliner he wore all the time now. Juls had helped him this evening. Even his clothes were showing some love -- the t-shirt was left back stage in leiu a black mesh shirt hanging from his shoulders half open. He dressed more like the show than the security. But everyone in the club knew he was in charge -- he radiated authority in Kallisti even if he was a sour puss everywhere else.

Bruno watched from the opposite wall. The bartenders all nodded towards the stage making sure the waiting customers watched first. Everyone was rapt. First performances were a right of passage and Elyse was doing a good job.

[[ooc: sorry about the nox drop, setting up some time passing while I can Smile ]]
Seven nestled a bubbly flute of champagne against his chest when the stage fell dark. Although alone, he was comfortable and maintained a relaxed air. This was now his third visit to Kallisti House of Burlesque, all for his own interest and entertainment. The same flutter of anticipation as all the previous shows burrowed into his chest, and he was in rapt attention to what unfolded.

The lights shone upon an enchanting woman. She was beautiful in a traditional, curvy way, and Seven expected no less than stunning from Kallisti’s performers. There was something else about her, too. She moved with all the sinuous fluid of a snake, or perhaps a cat, writhing and twisting. The story held his attention, as well. The tension of it building to an inevitable crescendo of release threaded his veins with sensual symbolism that bloomed a smile upon his lips.

What truly held him in thrall were her eyes, however. Whenever they flashed his direction, their light held him in awe, like twin coins laid as Charon’s offering, Seven was eager to snatch them for himself, and he hoped she would notice him in turn.
Seven ✧ Freyr ✧ Daryen

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