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Cold Hard Revenge
Gods would be the undoing of us all.  And now the bastard who killed Stephan was highlight his talents in the most viral way possible.  Doing stupid shit.  Some moron he was.

Henrik had been waiting for him to make a mistake and he pounced on it.  The Red Light district was hardly a h ard place to infiltrate.  At least it hadn't been.

It seemed anytime Henrik got close to the Burlesque club Kallisti a bothersome drone started pestering him.  Like just the other day, Henrik went down looking for a girl, crossed too close and it shot little fucking missiles at him.  One beamed him right in the ear.  Hurt like a mother...  Bleed for days too and Henrik was hard pressed to hear anything from it for days.

And god forbid you try to hit the roof of any building with in line of sight of the entrances to the club.  The drone not only annoyed you it blared the 1812 Overture at the highest volume possible alerting everyone in the neighborhood. It was fucking annoying!

This was going to be harder than it sounded apparently.  First thing to do was shoot down the fucking drone.

[[ ooc: this out of Nox's timeline and future ish for him but showcasing what his security system is doing and also setting up a future rp ]]
Henrik had his watch out. The boy was preparing for something. Something big. He was visiting the storage unit where all his gear was stored. He even pulled out a gun and knife and tucked them in his belt before leaving. But he prepped and packed other things -- vials and packs but only the singular gun, whatever he was hunting he didn't plan on shooting it. Stupid kid.

Following him around was relatively easy once you figured him out. He didn't really change his habits much. And even his digital footprint was easy to track. he visited a number of articles and the previewed several places in on particular area. If he could only get a tap on the line that stayed, or a view into his calendar for more than a second. But in the few moments he had before he lost access he saw a date marked. With a location that was in the same general vacinity. Whatever he was planning had a date and time. Henrik began is own planning...

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