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Having a sample was excellent.  Now if only the boy god would join them.  He was illusive.  Though a new name popped up on his kill contract.  Jacob Dean was merely a face and a name and very little information.  But clearly Atharim, or he'd not have been able to enter into the system.  Personally verified, an American Atharim.  Old school American Atharim even generational family, much like Durante himself.  What little they could pull from the American records merely indicated an account and years upon years of kills being paid out.  The American's were so unorganized.

Though maybe this man would meet his match.  So far no one had been able to lull the boy into the ground.  Attacking him seemed a mistake.  Though he was becoming obvious now.

But this critter was more than enough to keep Angelika busy.  It was unique.  A creature like none other.  Drawing blood drew upon the parasite that gave it it's abilities.  An endless supply of contamination if handled properly.  It was chupacabra like, yet it mutated the victims in a way that was not.  There was rougarou mixed into the DNA.  The protein markers found in the boys blood coursed through the creature feeding and controlling the body of the host.  

Scans indicated the parasites congregated in a specific part of the brain and other areas of the body changing and arranging and providing instructions for the body.  The rougarou DNA pushing for flesh and it didn't seem to be specific to its own kind, more like it didn't care as long as it was raw and bloody and the fresher the better.  Very much like the fictitional zombie, but the creature was very much alive.

There were still so many tests to run.  And there was so little time.  

Angelika awaited her order of lab rats and other creatures.  If she were so lucky she might even get a young human to test upon -- a criminal who deserved far worse.  No need to sentence them to death, they'd suffer enough at her hands.
The creatures were very unique. Chupacabra and Rougarou DNA mixed in with something else too. Angelika wasn't exactly sure what she saw in the DNA but it wasn't monster necessarily. A combining agent of some sort -- and of course the same protein that the boy god was generating. It was key to taking over the body and obviously whatever control he exerted over the creatures.

Angelika wished for more data. Even her samples weren't enough -- there was a lot of data. If she knew where they came from then maybe she could dig into their research -- willingly or not she didn't she just wanted the data.

She sent the Inquisitor a message, but the message came back unable to send. That was troubling. He'd been outed now seemed to be on the run. Annoying.

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