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Domovoi Training
Dorian sat at his desk.  He hadn't been out in the field since Nox started training the officers in the Atharim way.  It really was his fault -- turn about was fair play.  Nox had no love for Dorian so when he came up with a training plan that the Captain approved, Dorian had no choice for to give up his life's work as Atharim.  Every weird case he filed reports for were now the scrutiny of every Domovoi agent, and Internal Affairs.

The last IA agent who went after him had been Atharim -- and for a whole different reason.  This one was an actual IA agent investing his corruption.  As a detective he was useless to Yun Kao's successors and unworthy of any attention and he intended to keep that way.  He didn't care why the former officer was dead -- just glad she was.  He only regretted shoving Nox under the bus.  Because now the boy had no love for him, and didn't care if he went under the bus now.

Turn about was fair play.

But he wasn't sacked, nor was he put out to 'on leave'.  Now he just sat a desk and curated Atharim cases.  Nox had old data from the Atharm archives thanks to his connection with the Wicked Truth.  And there was a program written by the very same hacker that created droves of articles and set up tasks for every Domovoi agent to go through and practice their monster research on.  They were learning the way Nox learned -- the American way.  Not the Vatican way where you were handed a pre-done file and told to do your job.  Domovoi would be able to go through the case files and the news articles on the web and rare in print papers and such and find strange occurance.  Nox was teaching them how to identify weird.  We all knew what weird was.  But they didn't know what could be the source -- the cause.  And that's what he did.

He taught them signs and signals and things to look for.  He was good at it though whenever said anything to compliment his talents, he always said, 'I'm not even half as good as Aurora.'  Dorian would have liked to meet the girl that Nox idolized so much.  But Nox was too busy, he only spared Domovoi a few hours a day tending to the lessons and it was Dorian's job to do the rest.  He was a glorified babysitter and test grader -- the teacher's assistant at best.

But he could be home sitting in his bachelor pad bored out of his mind.  At least now he still did his job -- he was just reverse engineering his work -- and the work of other cases.  

There were boxes of unsolved cases the more advanced detectives were handling.  Nox took files from the box every time he finished one, he put it in a pile on Dorian's desk and would write 'dead' or something on it.  Dorian didn't know if he meant he killed it, or the file was dead, but he put it into the mix and let the grunts blow through them too.  

[[ ooc: Domovoi guys are welcome to jump in.  But this was just a show case of what was going on with Dorian and how Nox is working with Domovoi. Or anyone wanting to interrupt Dorian in the Domovi offices otherwise it's just a singular post. ]]

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