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Dog with a Bone
The events with the Yakuza had failed to an utmost extreme.  Allies and enemies were made and Yun still wasn't sure which was which these days. 

The Syndicate's ties with the Yakuza were on perilously thin ice and she had others handling things for the tenure.  But it wasn't that folly that plagued her mind.  There were rumors going around the Precinct that the boy god of Dorian's had returned from the depths of the underworld with a great victory.  Though no one had really said what it was he did -- they didn't know and Dorian Vega was tight lipped as usual.  More so than usual actually.  His family was still in her cross hairs, though it seemed as if the Vega's had little concern for their wellbeing as they scattered to the winds.  Even Dorian seemed less inclined to protect himself from the bullet that could land between his eyes.

But the man hadn't crossed her yet -- he was forthright with everything including her invitation to her domain yet again.  He sat across from her in his gray suit with a smirk on his face. 

"Tell me Detective what your boy god has done?"
It wasn't the first time, nor the last time Yun Kao would summon him to her office in her oriental layer. He came only to save his own skin -- and that of his family not that they cared their lives were on the line here too. Life went on without him.

He sat across from the criminal overlord and on the take cop with a smirk as she asked about things he did not know. "He doesn't speak to me as much as he used. I think it has something to do with betraying him to you." Dorian laughed. "If you wanted me to keep him close maybe you should have gave it a second thought when you burned him at our meeting. He is Atharim. I'm assuming you mean the rumors of the tunnels."

Yun growled. "I mean killing Alistair Pavlo."

Dorian laughed. "That's old news. I told you he wouldn't bury the bone. Alistair was already dead. I shot him three times in the fucking head." Dorian sat up and leaned closer to the desk to emphasis his words. "He was dead when you told me to stop him. He's even more dead now -- fried to a crisp if I'm not mistaken."

"Zombies, undead. They aren't real."

"You'd be surprised at what is real and what's not. It's my job to make sure that shit stays that way. Or at least it was. Now I'm just a cop like everyone else on the force. Burned that bridge too." Dorian sighed. He'd been doing that a lot lately. It was time to start thinking about making ammeds maybe. Or a different way of life.

Dorian stood up and smiled. "I do so enjoy these talks. I imagine you should tell your bosses he's coming for them. I heard through the grapevine they have some trapped souls he wishes to free with timely demise." He walked out. He didn't care what she'd do to him. He was far enough away from his family. And she was no different than any other perp in the system bend on revenge for the cop who puts them away.

But just to be safe Dorian sent Sage a text

Keep an extra watch on my family please. Might have pissed off the Syndicate leader, Yun Kao, again.

That would make the hacker's day. A job and a criminal to hunt down and destroy. Dorian liked his life just fine -- but there were some changes he could make.
The man irked her!

He walked out and left the conversation before she was completely satisfied with his answer. If he weren't a good cop. Yun growled at his departure. He wasn't the only pawn in the game though. Ivan was far more malleable than Dorian was. But he too had failed to keep the boy from Alistair and thus Vaia Plus. But now they had bigger problems to deal with. Flynn and his people needed to prepare themselves for an onslaught few could survive if the boy took the power of the Ascendancy with him.

He had grown so much bigger than when she'd last seen him. Killing him was the only option now or the wrath of the Ascendancy lay behind him. But killing him brought that same attention down on the organization. Best to give up the boy to his peers, let them handle him. Wash her hands clean of the boy. These snakes would pay a pretty penny to know where he was. Or rather where he was going to be...

Perhaps an old friend might like the information she had...

Yun called in her tech guy and had him post an encrypted message much like before. The man in question would find her somehow. Their very connections were as vast as hers.

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