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Elke’s arrival in Moscow was on a day just like any other day. The train station linked up with the main Moscow terminal, which Elke wandered lost for quite a while. The trains all looked alike and the symbols and boards were confusing. Eventually, she was deposited at a station that someone said was good for tourists. She smiled and thanked. them for the advice. There was a big lake in the distance that drew her fancy for a while, but when someone bumped into her, it pushed her attention to the view ahead.

The bridge leading to a cookie cutter outline of buildings was full of people. Some had packages tucked under their arms. Others were distracted by devices. A girl was currently videoing herself posing in front of the pretty buildings.

They were all pointy and painted with designs that reminded Elke of the quaint buildings of the Alps. She smiled to herself and followed the flow of the crowd into the interior. It was an open-air market and Elke smiled broadly as she wandered the stalls. She paused in front of a display of hand-painted nesting dolls and picked one up to examine it.

She offered to buy the doll, and pulled out a cheap, single-use wallet to make the payment. It took her half way traveling across Europe before she learned that money only worked on these devices. She picked one up at a local corner pharmacy store. It was all beat up and cracked. The battery was almost dead. But she held it out for the worker to scan when someone bumped into her.

She fell down with an oof, realizing that the assailant had grabbed her bag and ducked into the crowd.

“Hey!” Stop!"
Imailovsky was an easy tout for tourists, and tourists were easy fodder. Though it was not why Ezekiel was here this day. He wandered with native ease, watching the crowds, hands slunk into his pockets. Dark clothing draped his shoulders, a marked contrast against golden skin. Setting up games like the one he planned for Cruz Vega took time and a vast network, but that business was dealt with for now (and perhaps accounted for the vague smirk sharpening his lips). He was here for information as mercurial as the changing weather. Rumour was always useful.

He paused to watch a girl purchasing a souvenir, but only because he discerned the mark she had made of herself in carelessness. Ezekiel observed the flashing eyes of opportunity without interfering. Hands grasped. She tumbled in the process, her bag lost in the mindless market sea.

The mugger was long gone, and Ezekiel was not inclined to the chase. He did offer a tattooed hand though, to help her to her feet. “That was unlucky,” he said. Or stupid, but people rarely took kindly to that kind of honesty.
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The only thing that sells better than pleasure, is fear.
Zahir | Pazuzu Ezekiel 
Elke's brooding made a seat in the path. The pathway made her butt hurt after she'd fallen on her rump in the tug of war that was lost. She didn't even see which way the person had ran. So she furrowed down her brows frustrated. She had a blueberry muffin wrapped up in that bag that she was hoping to enjoy for lunch today. 

She picked up the wallet from where it clattered to the ground. A few additional cracks marred its surface, but it powered up with her touch. She was scanning the apps when a hand was thrust in front of her face.

"That was unlucky," the man attached to the hand said.

She nodded. "Yah. I had a muffin in that bag," she explained. There was a lip gloss as well in the perfect shade that made her lips feel all moist and happy that she would also miss. 

She snaked her hand into his and was promptly on her feet. He was kind looking, and his mess of hair sprayed like black sunshine from his face. She couldn't help but smile.

"Thanks," she offered. Her accent was quite pleasant and distinctive. Her consonants slurred compared to his, and she must have appeared quite simple in comparison. 

"Luckily, I have enough money to buy another muffin, but unsolucky because I was rather fond of that bag." She looked around as if a bakery might suddenly appear behind her. When it didn't, she tipped a shoulder into a shrug and rather without direction began to wander in search of the next thing. 

She ended up not buying the nesting doll. Since now she had to use that money on a muffin instead.

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