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Don't belong here (Almaz)
Their car pulled up to a street that surprised Danika. She thought all the best clubs were downtown or near the Kremlin district. She had seen the lights glowing the street with sunlight. She knew which streets to avoid when she left the lab late at night. It made the commute home all the longer to weave in and out of the crowds. Such a place was where she assumed they were heading when Maria and Godric insisted she go out with them. She’d turned them down so many times, but the same old excuse of “I have to work late” simply couldn’t fly anymore.

“Where’s the club?” she asked from the back seat. Godric had pulled over along an otherwise empty curb, powered down the vehicle and climbed out. Maria just smiled and ticked her head toward the window. Danika just shook her head and followed.

Danika hugged her little beaded jacket around her shoulders. The dress she wore was short and the heels as high as she could handle without falling all over herself. “I knew I should have wore pants,” she said to Maria, voice low although she had no idea why she had the urge to whisper. Meanwhile, Godric approached a door that for all of Danika’s purposes seemed completely shut up and abandoned.

Maria chuckled, “We’ll be inside in a moment. And you look incredible, Danika. Toughen the fuck up a little, eh?”
Danika gasped at the impropriety, but a playful nudge in the ribs followed.

Somehow the door opened and the next thing Danika knew, they were ushered through a maze of hallways. “Where are we going?” she said to Maria.

Godric looked over one shoulder at the two girls. He was so excited, Danika barely recognized her technician. “This is a side-entrance into Almaz,” he said with all the expertise of one who had been here before.

Maria squeezed Danika’s arm as they emerged into an area with tables and a strange view. A flare of surprise widened her eyes, "I do not belong here," she declared as they pulled her in further.


((roc: This is a fluff piece. Anyone is welcome to join!))

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