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Tell Me Now
They left the bowels of the earth with the male gods behind them.  Zef hated fleeing, but there were five of them and only three of them in a crammed space.  It was not tactical to stay against five well trained gods.  

Her goal was not done.  She still had one avenue to persue.  She turned on the inquisitor once they were in the fresh air.  "What the fuck was that?"  She growled pushing the man up against the nearest wall.  "You led us into a trap?  With the fucking Ascendancy."

The inquistor pushed her away from him just as abruptly as she had assulted him. "I didn't know he would be there.  It was just supposed to be Durante."

"Why would he meet with you alone?  Specially after you tried to kill him."
Jer didn't like being questioned by this girl. She may be legacy but he was Inquisitor. He puffed his chest and pushed her away. He wouldn't give in to her interrogation.

"I do not answer to you."

Zef laughed. "You threw a fireball! I saw it with my own eyes. You are a reborn god." She drew her gun and Jer laughed.

"If I were a reborn god and threw a fireball from nothing do you think a gun is going to be a threat?" He hoped she took the feint, but if she didn't Jer was dead. He was doubtful he could pull at the power while under duress. Much less when he was at peace with his surroundings. He was a fucking reborn god -- Zephyr knew it. This was going to get ugly before it got any better.

[[ @"Grym" You can jump in here too if you like. No big deal either way. ]]
Grym was silent as the grave once they found their freedom. In truth, she didn't speak because she was so furious she couldn't make the words form on her lips. Zef was furious enough for the both of them, and she did not halt the ferocity with which she confronted Jerry. His betrayal was inconceivable, but Grym had to assume this power of the gods was like a poison. It changed everything once it took hold. 

Zef's gun was properly aimed. Grym came up to stand beside her friend, spitting on the ground as she did. Unlike the firearm, she was still holding the battle axe. It's double crescent edge was dark with the sludgy blood of her kills. She dug in her feet, snarled and out right lept at Jerry. She'd never lashed out with so much anger before, but she swung the axe at his head like she was going to cleave it clean from his shoulders. 

((ooc: she has attacked with a big swing.))
‡‡ GRYM ‡‡
Jer was good at his job. He didn't get here with anything but his own wit. Sure a family name had helped. But who were these two to question his authority. The axe came at Jer with untimely speed and Jer just reacted. He was trained in all things Atharim, but his specialty lie in close hand to hand combat and Grym was just with in reach. In one swift motion Jer did two things simultaneously -- he reached for her wrist and used her momentum to tumble her over his back while he pulled out a vial of green liquid and popped the cork from the top.

A drop splashed from the vial as Grym fell away from him. The ground it landed on sizzled and boiled as if it were being eaten by acid. And it was. Jer held the vial up and smiled at the two women who thought they could best an inquisitor of the Atharim. "I'd be careful. This likes flesh more than it likes pavement."

Jer didn't need the new found power. He didn't need a weapon. He carried all the weapon he needed on his body. A gun was useful, but the potions and tinctures of his learned trade were far more effective. "Perhaps if you hadn't joined my quest out of greed to kill gods I could have brought Durante in. He was beginning to trust me. Now, I'm not so sure he will ever trust the Atharim again. He's far more valuable now alive than dead. Allied with the Ascendancy -- a useful tool." The words were nothing but a lie a false sense of his own worth. Durante was dead no matter how Jer looked at it. He controlled monsters. He was one outside of that fact alone -- he wielded the power of the gods. But he was useful. Even if it were to only thwart his own death, Jer would see the traitor burn.

[[ ooc: sorry if it's modded too much I couldn't see away around not dying with an axe coming out of my head, and even channeling would have been a bit of modding to avoid it lol and Jer can't do that yet at least not under durress ]]
The attack came from nowhere. The response was just as quick. it was unexpected. Zef would have expected a burst of power like they'd seen the others do but instead he reacted like any man would when death was on their door step.

The inquistor's vial spilled and the pavement melted under the tiny drop that had splashed on the ground. Zef stared at it. The man was a ruthless torturer. And he intended to use the tools of his trade on them. "We are not traitors. You are!"

The smile that spread across his lips made Zef take a step back. "And what proof do you have? It is your word against mine, and who do you think they will believe? You, or the man who they request to reveal the truths of our inner most traitors?"
She hadn’t expected the swift reaction. The momentum toppled her off-balance, and in the blink of an eye, the inquisitor had the upper hand. She recovered her feet, scrambling away from the acid that sprinkled a little too close for comfort. While Grym kept her battle axe at the ready, she didn’t attack again. She fought monsters and mindless beasts. Rarely did she go against a trained combatant. With Zephyr, together they should be able to take Jerry down, but he had the power of the gods. This was a nightmare.

“We are at an impasse. What do we do now?” It was clear none of them was willing to concede nor interested in turning a back against the other.
‡‡ GRYM ‡‡
They were at a Mexican standoff. Everyone was on edge and there was a truth that they had to come to. "I am going back to head quarters and telling them of the monsters down in the tunnels." Jer said. "if Durante fails in his mission of destroying them all then Moscow is at risk. You saw them. You saw what they can do. If we aren't prepared then all of our secrets will be out." He sighed and looked at the two women on edge.

"Feel free to report what you think you saw and I'm sure some inquisitor will look into it." Jer smirked. "The boy is wanted alive. Trying to kill him and the others is stupid."
The inquisitor tried to walk around her but she stepped in front of him. "You aren't going anywhere." Zef pointed her gun at him. "I think I should take my chances with you." Zef looked to Grym. "What do you think Grym? Shall we take him in for conspiracy with the reborn gods?"
Grym’s eyes went wide with surprise. Zephyr rounded on Jerry and confronted him with a gun. He was one of those gods. Forget acid bottles, if he could do even a fraction of what they witnessed underground, a gun wouldn’t stop him. But that was a big if.

Which left things up to her. She was no coward to walk away from a fight, but she wasn’t suicidal either.

She gripped the handle of her axe and made her decision.

She confronted Jerry along with Zephyr.
“Take him in,” she stated. “There’s two of us to you, Inquisitor. We are all going in together.”
‡‡ GRYM ‡‡
[[ooc sorry I'm really slow with this I still don't know how to react]]

Conspiring with gods? He was a god. He was still having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact. The boy had been a thorn in his side, but not he was even more so. But it was his own damned fault. Jer growled but he didn't want to make more of a scene. He resigned himself to being taken in. He could have hurt them -- maybe. He could have done a lot of things, but those were big ifs. What if he could never reach the power again.

And as if he wanted to test himself he reached into the darkness and found the throbbing dark light calling to be used. It was a torrent of power ready to consume him all he had to do was grab it by the horns and it would devour him whole. It was a battle of wills, and it happened in a moments notice. The world grew brighter, the sounds louder, the smells of the red light district and the stench from below filled his nostrils. Jer wove a quick pattern he'd seen the boy do and it quickly formed a glowing ball of light.


Jer tossed the glowing ball to the ground and it shattered in a billion little sparks that jumped everywhere. And Jer ran.... faster, and harder, through the alley and streets of the lost souls. He would forever be marked a traitor... but at least he would be a live. At least he would be a live.

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