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He was fucking going.  He'd made the note to tell the Atharim where he was going, who he was hunting.  The why was already know.  Almost immediately a message returned with another joining the ranks.  "Fuck!"  

Now inteast of learning it was a true hunt.  Thankfully there was a do not kill order on him.  Both he and Dr. Wozniak wanted him alive.  He was important enough to not kill.  But now instead of going to learn -- it was a capture mission.

It didn't change the outcome -- the result would be the same.  He would teach Jer to control this infernal power so that Jer could do his job and then forget about the shit all together.  That was his goal however infeasible it might be.


The coordinates set were easily found.  And follow up instructions from Durante had been clear.  Follow the tunnel south until the T junction.  He'd know it when he saw it.  And then west until a corner.  There he'd wait.  And now he'd wait to be taken alive.  The man didn't know what was coming.  He assumed friend, when in reality it was foe.  Perhaps this might be a way to actually hunt the prideful gods of new.  

But Jer waited at the entrance to the opening, in the Red Light district.  Women sat on balconies nearby waving at him.  He promptly ignored them.  He was working... 

[[ @Zephyr @Grym ]]

A message was sent twith details if the other Atharim wanted to join the hunt -- a god was a good hunt.  This god was more of a challenge -- he knew them.  But he was American.  She scoffed a little at the thought.  He was a cowboy -- all americans were.  They didn't follow the same rules.

The Inquistor waited at the entrance to the tunnels that lead into the bowel of the underworld.  She hadn't hunted there.  Gods didn't hide in tunnels.  Other monsters did.  Though Zef didn't like the dark -- she knew what lurked there.

"Do we know where we are going?"

"I have a directions and a map waiting when we land."

"Land?"  A strange word.

"He thinks I'm coming as a friend."  Ironic.  But why would the boy trust him?  


Zef checked her gear and her gun before they all headed into the darkness.  Her littlle flash light on the end of her gun would have to do.  Zef hated the dark.

[[ If Grym comes you can join us in the tunnels whenever.  Will leave it vague. ]]
Grym processed the alert for several minutes before deciding. She'd not specifically tracked the gods since their uprising for several reasons. One of which was the pack of Atharim it took to bring down one. She preferred solitary hunts. Since meeting Zephyr, she'd questioned her own courage. Was she fooling herself? Staying behind because she was afraid? 

Zef was in. Not surprising, but once Grym made the decision to put her name in the ring, she would be committed to seeing it through. Even if it was the last hunt she ever embarked upon; but that wasn't a new risk.

She didn't know the man who arranged all this upon seeing him, but she greeted Zef cordially and extended her introduction to the man, Jerry. He was probably important, but Grym didn't pay attention to Atharim politicking.
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[[ continued to this post ]]

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