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New Girl
[Image: attachment.php?aid=22]

There were lots of new people in the past few months -- all starting with Katsan, before that it had been Claire though so maybe it was here. Now Nox and Anna. Of the three Julianna hoped that Katsan was the only one who was going to be a problem, poor Raffe. He'd tried to save the girls, but now he bore a scar. Though that hadn't seemed to deter his ability to get the girls -- or guys. She smirked to herself. The new girl Anna was to be in early while Juls showed her the ropes, and started working on her routine. It wasn't about dancing and taking clothes off here. They were a burlesque. It was just as much about the story you wanted to tell. Anna needed to learn her own self. What she wanted.

Even Nox had a go-to game when he danced. She'd been watching him with the new arm. His confidence with it grew every day. Though she doubted any of the patrons would have cared about the missing limb, but Nox surely did. He and Raffe were off doing whatever it is they did when they were together. It always made her smile seeing how cute they were together.

Juls herself as Moon Pyre was mostly a show of fire and intrigue. Her story was more about bending fire for her patrons. She wondered what Anna would choose, and what name she'd choose or had already chosen to go by. Those were always fun, the girls and her were still working on a name for Nox since he didn't have one nor did he care. His current work in progress had something to do with Hades and Persephone. He liked playing the gods role. He found it amusing more than the rest of them, for reasons they didn't understand and when he explained made everyone shrug. He was odd sometimes.

Juls waited at the bar with a glass of water swirling in front of her.
Anna arrived a little early for her meeting with Julianna. Juliana was chosen as a sort of a mentor to Anna. Carmen had mentioned her name because she was able to teach Anna a bit about channeling. Anna had been thinking about her identity at Kallisti. She would have a stage name and a character to play of some sorts, but Anna wasn't sure which way to go because she had a feeling that her channeling would have a play into that role.

Learning meant admitting you had flaws and working through them. Currently, Anna had a large flaw. She new very little about the power and how to use it. She was also blocked from using it. She could only embrace the power when she was nervous it seemed. Anna sighed, hoping that this wouldn't hold her back too much.

Anna was told Juliana would meet her at the bar and there was a lone woman sitting at the bar with a glass of water in front of her. Anna took in a breath to compose herself. She was excited about this job, but there were always jitters. At least she would be able to channel at first.

"Juliana?" asked Anna as she approached the woman at the bar. "My name is Anna, I'm supposed to meet her here."
[Image: attachment.php?aid=22]

Juls snickered. "So formal. You can call me Juls, everyone else here does. I don't have long to get you started. I've got class in a few hours. But I'm here to help however I can. And Mae or Mands can help you out while I'm gone." Juls stood up and embraced the power god had given her and pulled a water bottle from the ice and caught it in her hand."[/color] She offered the bottle to Anna. "Water?" It was an introduction to her powers. Though air was hardly her go to. Fire was her game and the clients loved it.

"Have you given any thought to what you'd like to do here?" Juls smiled and took Anna towards the lobby stage. "This is where we make the bulk of our tips, putting on various skits for the clients out here. The big show pulls in the people, but the little ones is where we get to play and have some fun."

"Mands does the whole candy shop themes. Pink bubble gum, blonde with no brain schtick. Mae is a pussy cat from hell basically. I play with fire and feathers. And our last latest edition, he likes to put together whole skits full of myths and legends and sneak in a few old school Disney references."
Anna smiled and took a seat next to Juls. She already felt comfortable with the woman the same as she had with Carmen. She accepted the bottle of water with a nod of thanks before taking a quick drink.

"I have, and have come up with a few ideas, but I think I might go with being an Aztec goddess." Anna raised a hand and channeled a small bit of water, forming a small ball. Thankfully she still had some jitters to find the power. "Rain was very important - an important part of bringing life. Going somewhere along that route pretty much."

Anna dissipated the small sphere into water vapor before continuing. "I can't do much with it yet; the power that is. I'm still pretty new and I can only channel when I'm nervous."
[Image: attachment.php?aid=22]

Julianna smiled. "Interesting. She wouldn't be one of those that demanded human sacrifices is she? That might not fit too well. My myths and legends stops at the fundamentals. But you and Nox might get along. He's always talking about gods and things. Sadly he can't teach us anything of what he knows. But he can help us think about what we can do."

"Like if you intend to make it rain, you'll want to make sure the floors and the people don't get wet. That would be a downer for them and for the floor." Julianna giggled. "But Nox is good at doing multiple things at one time, he could help us protect the people and the floor. Hopefully you'll get to meet him soon, he's off on some secret mission or another." It wan't really secret -- Nox didn't have secrets he kept from them but Anna didn't need to be scared the first day on the job.

"Why don't you warm up, hope up on stage and give it a go. Doesn't have to be what you want, but think about the space we have here. Get a feel for your new home."

Candy finished her rehearsal with a flourishing bow, her breasts dangling in front of the first row with a salacious smile on her face, for no one in particular, but that was her bread and butter. She picked up the men who wanted the dumb blonde. Candy laughed as she hopped off the stage smacking her bubble gum one last time before taking it out of her mouth with her left hand and holding it between two fingers. "I'm Candy. But you can call me Mandy like every one else here." She offered her hand. "You must be Anna, the new girl."
Anna smiled at Jules. "Sounds good! Give me a few minutes to get changed and stretched and I'll give you a little show!"

Anna jumped up and headed into the green room offstage where dancers would get ready to go on stage.  She opened her bag and disrobed, picking out a set of black lingerie.  It accented her toned body well.  Briefly she thought of what song to put on as she danced.  She could feel her nerves picking up and used the opportunity to embrace the power.  Hopefully she could keep it going for a few minutes as she did her dance.

She went offstage and waited as the girl before her finished her practice session before she would go on.  The girl finished and came offstage, removing a piece of gum before moving to introduce herself to Anna.

Candy - a cute name considering. "That's me!" Anna said, shaking the other's hand. "It's nice to meet you Mandy! I'm actually just about to go on for my first practice, if you can't tell." She gestured towards her garb. "I would also appreciate it, that is if you are okay with it, you watching and giving any advice afterwards.  I'm sure Jules will do the same."
Candy hopped off stage and sat down with Juls to watch the new girl. The last time she'd sat watching a newb she got recruited into Nox's show. It had been a lot of fun. But it was good to watch someone who wasn't new to the whole thing too.

"Ya'll are coming outta the woodwork Juls. Nox, Sterling, Anna... I hear even Raffe can play with fire if he learns."

Juls nodded. "Seems like it doesn't it. The Ascendancy made us less afraid I guess." They both sat and watched Anna.

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