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A Different Sort of Lab
There was nothing comfortable about Moscow.  Even her apartment was not comfortable -- not yet.  She needed a garage to work in.  Her lab.  Her comfort zone.

Ilesha had been looking for a while. But hadn't found anything suitable until today.  There was an old garage that hadn't so much as gone under as the old man running didn't have anyone to take over so he had no choice but to close down when he got too old to run the shop.  It was perfect.

It had two garage doors on either side of the building that could hold four medium sized cars in total, and a small office.  Each stall had a car lift.  She worked predominately on motorcycles for herself, but she was an excellent mechanic all around.  And she didn't intend to have a large client base.  

Though the old man had also sold her his old clients.  She doubted they'd come her way, but she'd give it ago.

Ilesha couldn't wait to get the garage open.  It needed some repair, and she had to get the needed equipment.  And her bikes sent here from the US.  That was her next goal.  This shop was perfect.

She couldn't get over the luck she was having.  But cleaning was a bore, she started humming to herself and started a light weave of air started sweeping the floor with the power.  It was an amazing feeling -- the power and her own space.
It didn't take long for Ilesha to get the garage up and running. There were no clients, but that was alright, her own bike arrived from New York and she had more than enough time to work on it. And to experiment with the power within. She visited Juliana once or twice a week during the day when Kallisti was quiet and empty.

They worked together on understanding their ability. It wasn't like having a teacher -- more like college buddies studying for an exam they never went to class the whole semester. It was fun though.

Ilesha hummed her favorite song and the power sprang into existence. The world was more vibrant and even in the dingy garage she felt happy and at home. The app Marcus Dubois gave her was open as she worked on refitting her bike. It was interesting seeing how she could form the metals and reinforce them. She didn't practice on the parts themselves, she had Junkers for that. She was getting to know the local Junkers and had several parts lying about the garage. She hadn't disintegrated anything … yet.

Experimentation was fun, but it was also a lot of work. But thanks to the app she was able to record past trials and decide the best way to go.

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