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Missing Scientist
Bad press was one thing Yun tried to avoid.  A cop having access to something they shouldn't usually resulted in the cops accidental death, or an early retirement - which ever was most beneficial to the cause.

There was a secret cult like organization that just as many if not more connections and maybe they could work together.  But really wasn't going to work with a low ranking agent who was only interested in one boy.  The meeting had been fruitful but not what she was looking for.  She kept that feeler out hoping to find something they'd be interested in.

Today's meeting was a lot less off the books.  She'd been called into Vaia Plus by the esteemed Dr. Flynn on a potential security breech.  They wanted to work with the cops on this, but he'd asked for her by name, which was strange.  She wasn't a beat cop - this was highly irregular.

In her business suit and badge on display Yun waited with her partner.  He wasn't on the take, and he wasn't part of the syndicate, but he was easily manipulated - a young boy in comparison.  Yun flitted through young boys as partners - she barely knew their names.  If they didn't result in much there was an easy fix - she was known to be a cougar by her fellow officers - it was playful, but they were right and wrong in so many ways.

But her and the boy waited.  He danced from foot to foot as he shifted his weight.  "Stand still."  She commanded and he stood straighter - good little boy she smiled. Fear was a wonderful tool.  But they waited - she had better things to do than wait here she growled under her breath.  This was taking too long.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=24]

Alistair had truly gone missing. His secretary said the cops were looking into it. But where had Alistair gone? He wasn't in the lab, he wasn't answering his wallet. The scientist was never incommunicado for this long. He'd been gone for a lot longer than he'd have liked, though he'd never really been missing until recently despite what the papers said. Flynn knew exactly where Alistair was - hiding in his lab doing research. He was so very close. He said. Or maybe he had failed and now had fled for his repeated failures.

Monsters were not controllable. Monsters couldn't be sold to the government. Though the black market sources could use some. And now that these so called Atharim were unnamed - they might be easier quelled with a few monster outbreaks. But it didn't hit the bottom line where it should. A super soldier that replicated itself. That was the game. And they were close. Or so Alistair said, but where was the fool of a man.

But knowing all the things that Flynn did, there was a certain group that could help rid them of their problems for the right price of course. So the call had been made to see Officer Yun Kao. And she and her partner were waiting outside for him. And he kept her waiting - it was good to put the children in their place before you got started. Much easier to deal with when they knew where they stood.

Flynn rang Nancy over the comms and told her to let them in. It was going to be an interesting discussion. Flynn sat in his dark gray suit with his glasses perched on his nose, his fingers tapping against the cigar box while he waited for the lady of the syndicate to step through his doors and stop the meddling cops from finding out what he was doing.
It was about time.  The secretary let them into Flynn's office and the man in the gray suit screamed rich and scholarly.  The wirey hair and the glasses were only the start.

Parker followed behind.  She'd remembered his name standing there.  Just a boy, but he was obedient and that was what mattered most to Yun.  Though standing in some big wigs office was grating.  As an officer she hated this part of the job.  Snobs were so snobby.  At least the Syndicate elites knew not to keep her waiting.  

But this wasn't Syndicate business.

"What can I do for you Dr. Flynn?  The cap said you had urgent business with me particular."

Flynn looked at Yun with a eye for detail and nodded for her to sit. But he spoke to Parker. "Officer Millet, if you'll excuse us. Officer Kao and I have a private matter to discuss concerning my missing persons report. She will share the details with you that she feels necessary."

The shock was on her face. Maybe this was Syndicate business after all. Parker left but only because Yun gave him a difinitive nod that said it would be alright. And it would. She knew that without a shadow of a doubt.
The lady detective sat down. And the boy left her to him with a frown. He was used it obviously as he said nothing, but she gave him a friendly node and a smile. It was her call. She understood the implications.

Isaac Flynn waited for the door to close firmly behind the young man before he turned his hawk like gaze to the leader of the Syndicate. "Ms. Kao, it is a venerable pleasure to meet you. Though I wish it were under different circumstances."

Her eye brow rose as she looked over the desk in a relaxed no nonsense sort of posture that spoke volumes about her character. She was used to getting her way, and she knew he knew it. It was almost endearing, but she held none of the power here. "A fellow officer is looking into one of my employees who has gone missing. I need him to stop."

"Why is that important to me?"

"Isn't it in your job description to help out other like minded individuals as Leader of the Syndicate?" He smirked and knew all to well that it was. "I am in need of your services and I'm willing to pay for the deeds required. Alistair Pavlo must never be found." Flynn was almost certain the man was dead by his own research, but even if he wasn't being missing would lead them to placed Dr Flynn didn't want them to go. He needed the investigation halted and now.
Profit in it?  "I'll see what I can do."  Money was money and Flynn was a man of high stature in Moscow - good to have under your thumb.  Though it didn't feel like he was under her thumb, but he would be.


In the precinct Yun found the most amazing coincidences falling into place.  Domovoi wasn't her domain, but both Vega and Sarkozy were there.  "How very interesting."  She muttered to herself.

With nimble fingers Yun sent Sarkozy a text.

@"Ivan Sarkozy"  In an envelop on your desk is an envelope you must read tonight.  I will know..

Yun made sure surveillance was in place at  Domovoi to follow Ivan if necessary.  She'd meet with Dorian personally, but the lot were all out of the office.  Good and bad... She didn't know what they were plotting.  She had to find out - but that was what Vega was for.

The note inside the envelop was simple.  

Quote:Alistair Pavlo cannot be found!  Remember well!
That had gone so fucking well. Dorian shook his head, the boy was grating on his own personality with the swearing at everything. Lost in his thoughts about how to handle Alistair Pavlo's boos Dorian didn't expect to find Yun Kao sitting in his chair at his desk in Domovoi.

"What do you want, Detective Kao?"

She gave Dorian a wry smile and removed her feet from his desk and stood up. Her shorter stature was made up with presence. "Walk with me."

Dorian sighed but waved for her to lead the way. They were silent as they walked together out of the offices once again. They strolled the opposite direction of the coffee shop with much relief to Dorian. "How can I help you Yun?"

"Tell me what you know about Alistair Pavlo. All of it! And when we are done you will forget the whole business. We have a better interest in this."

Dorian laughed. "You have a better interest." Dorian started telling her everything he knew - mostly. He left out the bits about a channeling monster, and all the little monsters in the tunnels that Nox was hunting. No need to make her aware of other things unless she asked.
Vega was playing coy with Yun. He wasn't saying everything and she knew it. But he was talking about things. About what had really happened that the police didn't even know. Atharim business she expected. Strange for a man who was no longer affiliated with his former organization. The boy either, yet they acted as if they were such.

But there was word that Domovoi had a new consultant - and while she wasn't afraid, the boy had been appointed by none other than Ascendancy himself. That was concerning. What would either of these men say to the Ascendancy. Discretion was the better part of valor. Better to live now and fight on later - wasn't that the saying.

When Vega was done spinning his tale Yun nodded. "It is in your better interest if your boy god doesn't find Alistair Pavlo."

Vega laughed. "You've never tried to get a bone from a rabid dog have you? Pavlo isn't just a man, Ms. Kao, he's one of the reborn gods. He's like one of the monsters down in the tunnels. I shot him three times. Alistair Pavl,o if he lives should be dead and Nox will see that he is. Whatever secrets he has or had will die with him when Nox is done with him."

What was Flynn doing down there? And why save an already dead man? There were many peices missing. "I want to know the whole story Detective - all of it. Somethings not adding up here."

Vega shook his head, "I'll tell you what i can when I know it, but that's everything." He gave Yun a slight bow and smiled. "I do have to get back to work now. So should you." And like that he left. Yun growled. Ivan better not let that boy kill Pavlo.

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