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Working Together
Yun couldn't believe it.  She was still reeling days later from the audacity of the boy that walked out and refused to die.  They'd searched for him, knew he'd be with Vega, but killing him on Vega's property was counterproductive.  

Though Vega was about to have a problem with the boy from his reaction to the weapon.  What little good it had done for her.  He was inconsequential, except he knew who she was, and what she was apart of.  That meant death if she couldn't keep her leash on him.

But the boy had given her much thought.  The Atharim had their fingers everywhere, but she knew that with Vega, but the extensive connections that was something to harness.  A little give and a little take, but that was a hard won endeavor.  But that was why she had people who worked for her.

Yun would play hard ball with the information she had.  There was a boy god on the loose.  Surely that meant something to them.  Specially when he was one of their own.  A little give and a little take, she thought to herself again even as she sent the orders out to contact these Atharim.  Some one would find her on the dark web.  They had to have a means of contact and she'd find it - eventually.

[[ Feel free to jump in location can be anywhere Yun's I didn't specify anything for that reason.  Those that have an invitation to her house are welcome to pop in, and she can be anywhere in her day job.  ]]
Coincidence? There was hardly any coincidence in the world. But the days after he had lost all sight of the traitorous god there was a strange query out in the aether of the internet. A contact from which little was given but there was a name that caught his interest - two actually. Vega and Durante. Though he had learned they'd had a falling out - he didn't know over what.

But maybe this contact would be helpful.

So he set back confirmation. He'd meet in person at a coffee shop in the Enlightened district - near where the former Atharim had lived among the people. Now they were scattered and their following falling apart. The old regus dead. The new a pitiful excuse for a man - a pawn of the Ascendancy's he was sure. But the Atharim was an institution that would survive - it was what it had always done.

The coffee shop was nothing special, but Jerry arrived early, only to find a scarred woman sitting at the prescribed table. But her entorage was about though she sat alone. Several men watched her back and Jerry had come alone. Probably n not the best move. But that was alright. Jerry had come prepared to insure he left. He fumbled the vial in his pocket with his thumb to make sure it was still safely secure. And easily accessible should he need it. She would think twice before double crossing him.

Jerry sat down across from her. "I hear our mutual acquaintances have had a falling out."
A strange man sat down in front of her and she gave him an assessing look. He didn't offer a hand, or a name, just a quip about Vega and Durante's falling out. It brought a smile to her lips - she'd caused that little bit of mishap. It was better. Now Durante was on the run, and that would leave him open to his own demise, if she could find him, which at present was proving difficult.

"I suppose they have. It makes the boy harder to find now." She assumed that was what had pulled this man in. Hunting their traitorous boy.

"It's what we are trained to do - find monsters and eradicate them." She obviously knew about what he was if she knew of his traitors.

"Vega still has his uses." Yun laughed. He was a crooked cop who only wanted to protect his family - it was the only reason he had turned against the boy and these Atharim. "Perhaps our goals align?" She knew she was being vague, but that was what public meetings brought.
Jer shrugged. "He's alive only because he'd be difficult to kill as a member of the CCDPD - a public figure so to speak." That was the downside to using people inside of other organizations. Vega was of little concern for Jer. "I'm only concerned with the boy. He is the worst of the worst and must go."

Yun's smile widened at the last statement though she didn't say anything right away. "I would have no problems with that." Yun slide the little metal tube from her pocket and set it on the table in front of her. Jer's eyes widened at the object - it was not supposed to be out in the world. She laughed softly. "I suppose that you know what this is. I do not intend to give it up, but the boy was afraid of it."

"As he should be. It's been used against him. How did you come to be the owner?"

Yun smiled. "Its the reason, I suspect that Vega and the boy had a falling out. His perhaps?"

Jer reached for the object and smiled. "I don't wish to keep it, only to get the serial number so that I can see who it belonged to. We've had several go missing." That wasn't to say there were many left - it was highly unlikely the boy had taken it from the Atharim vaults before the place went up in smoke, but it was possible. But if not how did he get his little hands on it. Curiousity...
Yun let the man look at it. But as with her usual she had a sniper trained through the window waiting for her signal. The boy had been too smart, she wasn't going to take any chances with him.

The man shook his head as he used his wallet to grab a scan of the cylinder before he pushed it back to her. "I believe he stole it from our stores. And I believe he's stolen other things, other information too perhaps." He didn't mention the fact that the boy was a channeler. It was something she took note of. These men were careful with their words.

Yun took the tube and pocketed it. They would soon have their own source of them, it wasn't hard to get men and women to do her bidding she just had to find the right leverage. The Syndicate would soon have their own channeler fighting weapons. Was Ivan even needed anymore? He was hardly useful when Vega was easily at her beck and call, and she wanted channeler to fight channeler, now she had a weapon to fight them all. How convent? Vega was good for something after all.

The question became what to do with the loose ends now. "Your kind hunts others like the boy?" Yun asked and he smiled with a nod, "Perhaps we can work together to rid me of a nuisance. Now that I have something formidable, I don't need him anymore. He was naive anyway."
She knew of another god? Interesting.

"And what do I want from you in return?" Jerry asked.

Yun smiled. "The boy of course. We won't kill him, we'll give him to you if we find him first." That was in interesting prospect.

"I'm only interested in the boy, and Vega. I would pass along your information and have them handle it." Jer said. He really didn't want to get side tracked.

Yun gave a nod. "Delegation is a good trait to possess. The man's name is Ivan Sarkozy. He works for Domovoi with Vega."

Jer laughed, "I've seen him around. I will pass the information along. And if you find the boy." Jer passed the woman an electronic card with contact information on it. It would cease functioning once it was added into her own wallet. A one time use. Easy transfer fail safes. Jer stood up with a nod. "I look forward to our next meeting." And he left the cafe with as much ceremony as he'd arrived and disappeared into the shadows.

He needed to find a safe house.

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